Mom's outlook on messy room will help rewire your thinking

A mother of two is empowering parents everywhere with a photo of her messy family room.

Lacey Ralston from British Columbia took to Instagram with two drastically different thoughts on the image — comparing both a cruel and kind perspective towards parenting.

“Sitting here with two conflicting thoughts about this picture,” she begins. “1. I’m f—ing tired. I’m tired of asking everyone to pick up, including myself. I’m tired of living in chaos. I’m a horrible housewife. I’m at a loss. I feel discouraged. I’m embarrassed. I want a nap. I’m f—ing tired.”

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The post continues with an opposing thought: “2. As I type, my eldest is doing the dishes. My youngest is playing with cars quietly at my feet. They are happy. I’m taking a well-deserved break and sitting on my ass. My kids are happy and very much loved. This picture shows that we have fun in this house, that we have jobs and that we are busy ensuring ourselves and our children experience life.”


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The mom then questions: “Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? I think we do it more than society does: In our heads trying to be the perfect wife, mother, daughter, friend or employee.”

Ralston, who donated a kidney to her husband in October 2015, told Scary Mommy it was then she realized what was really important in life.

“Who cares if my friends see my house a mess? Who cares if we have take-out for a week straight? Who cares if my kids wear the same shirt three days in a row. My family is now healthy, and that’s all that matters,” she said.

She ended her family room post by saying, “Today I take a break.”

“Tonight I take a bath.”

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