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Trust me, this Monos backpack is the best ever for work and travel

Yes, this backpack is expensive. However, it's worth it: Here's why.

split screen of woman wearing leather jacket, white t-shirt and black pants in front of mirror with blue away suitcase and purple monos backpack and light brown vegan leather monos purple backpack
I bring my Monos Metro Backpack everywhere — here's why I love it (photos via Kayla Kuefler & Monos).

In the work-from-home versus work-from-office debate, I am decisively pro-office. As an extrovert who spends a lot of money on clothes, I need to leave my home to A) stay sane and B) justify my spending habits.

Because I either walk or bike to work, the Monos Metro Backpack has become one of my most-used accessories. And let me tell you: It is the best.

Monos Metro Backpack in saddle tan vegan leather.
$265 at Monos
  • 💵 Price: $265 CAD/$200 USD

  • Tested for: Four months

  • Our rating: 5/5

  • 🛍️ Reasons to buy: This work and travel-friendly backpack is as practical as it is stylish. The backpack has a separate laptop compartment, several versatile interior pockets and a built-in trolley sleeve

  • Reasons to avoid: Even on sale, the backpack is pricey. Additionally, the vegan leather version is heavier than some bags, so if you want to avoid extra weight, you may want to grab the nylon version or try a different brand

The Metro Backpack is the perfect travel companion (photo via Kayla Kuefler).
The Metro Backpack is the perfect travel companion (photo via Kayla Kuefler).

Is the Monos Metro Backpack worth the hype?

Ok, hear me out. Yes, this is an expensive backpack. However, if you use a backpack almost every day as I do, I think it's worth it — here's why.

The Monos Metro Backpack is water and scratch-resistant and made from vegan materials. It has a dedicated 15-inch laptop compartment and a hidden back pocket with a quick-access magnetic closure, perfect for your passport, wallet and more. A stretchable, waterproof privacy compartment in the bag can store things like shoes and a bagged lunch. The bag has a removable Metro Classic Kit and a trolley sleeve to secure it to a suitcase handle while travelling.

In the photo, it looks brand new, right? It's not. The backpack has been my carry-on bag, grocery store companion, and a daily accessory when I trek to my office — all without any indication of wear and tear. My colleague recently asked me: "Did you just get this? It looks brand new." That's how fresh and pristine it looks. The bag has earned me several compliments from strangers and inspired a close friend to buy her own Monos backpack. If the light purple isn't for you, shoppers can choose from classic colours, including black, ivory and mahogany.

interior of monos Metro Backpack in ivory (photo via Monos).
Metro Backpack in ivory (photo via Monos).

After four months of almost-daily use, I've only noticed two downsides for the backpack. The first is its obviously high price tag. The vegan leather version of the bag rings in at $265 (the nylon is slightly less expensive at $240). Furthermore, the backpack is on the heavier side. I own the vegan leather version so I can't speak to the nylon, but it's not the lightest bag in the world.

However, all things said and done: I love this backpack; I really do! To check out the colours available and see if the bag is worth it for you, scroll below.

Metro Backpack in juniper green nylon.
$240 at Monos
Monos Metro Backpack in ivory vegan leather.
$265 at Monos
Metro Backpack in dover grey nylon.
$240 at Monos
Monos Metro Backpack in mahogany vegan leather.
$265 at Monos

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