Moose casually crashes wedding vows and the photos are hilarious

Moose crashes the wedding of an Alaskan couple. (Photo: Bria Celest/

High school sweethearts Alan and Shandy Cuellar met and fell in love when they were teenagers in 10th grade. Eight years later, they gathered 100 of their closest family and friends for their big day in their hometown in Alaska. Although it was a gorgeous traditional ceremony, it was their wedding photos that went viral online as a very unexpected wedding crasher came to also wish them well.

When the bride and groom were exchanging the vows, a giant moose ambled past in the background, and photographer Bria Celest was able to capture the funny moment.

The newlyweds were able to get the unexpected moose-crashing moment on camera. (Photo: Bria Celest/

“We all noticed the moose before it came running through the wedding, but moose are common here in Alaska so it was no big deal,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Then all of a sudden he comes running out of the woods straight towards the altar and all I could think was ‘wow, it would be right before their first kiss!’ But I knew it was a moment of a lifetime and if I didn’t get this on camera, I’d totally regret it.”

Celest was able to snag the hilarious moment and the rest is history. However, Celest and the rest of the attendees were aware of the moose, and knew to be wary of the wild animal.

“Situations like that you never really know if it’s gonna get dangerous because moose can be very dangerous if they feel threatened or are upset, but I think he may have just been startled or confused,” says Celest.

Thankfully, the moose was tranquil and apparently just wanted to be part of the wedding party. “After he ran up through the arch, he went down to the pond side and just chilled there. That’s why he’s in the back of their kissing photos.”

The Cuellars celebrate their union. (Photo: Bria Celest/

Celeste says the Cuellars are happy that the moment was caught on camera. “They absolutely love the pics. They felt so special.”

She adds, “Someone asked if I was going to Photoshop the moose out of their final images and I told them no. Why would we? It creates a literal moment and tells an awesome story that people will always remember. That’s the type of story you tell your kids.”

“Special moments can happen in the blink of an eye,” she says.

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