Mother sparks debate bringing 10-month-old to a rave

Mother sparks debate bringing 10-month-old to a rave

A mother has sparked a debate after bringing her 10-month-old baby to a rave and complaining about the behaviour she witnessed there.

Recently someone took to Reddit using the “Oh No Consequences” forum to share screenshots of a mother who was not pleased with her experience with her baby at a rave. “Just a little reminder, if you ever go to a show and see a child or a baby there, I don’t care how lost you are, have some respect,” the mother’s message began.

She explained the name of the place where the rave was and noted that her experience there was “awful”.

“People kept bumping into my 10-month-old son, one guy spilled his drink on me and would not stop bumping into me,” she wrote in her post. “I got smacked randomly a few times and, the worst part, we got so packed that we were literally unable to move.”

The mother started to push her way through the crowd shouting, “We have a baby, you need to move”, which she claimed people were “very rude” about.

“It’s not that hard to have fun and still be considerate of each other. That’s what this community should be about. Not getting so messed up that you become completely unaware of yourself and your surroundings,” the post continued.

“Raving should be a safe and enjoyable environment for anyone – not a place where people go to be rude and hurt each other,” she concluded.

Towards the bottom of the screenshot, the mother makes the additional point that sometimes these situations happen when you become a parent and are left with “no other choice”.

“We couldn’t find a babysitter at the last minute and we had already bought the tickets,” she wrote. “If you bring them and they don’t like it, then you learn.”

The parent also added that she had taken her son to another rave when he was even younger at four months old where the crowd was “super kind, everyone wanted to know about him, and there was room to dance”.

After posting many people still ended up taking to the comments to question why exactly any parent would bring a child to a rave.

“I sincerely do not understand why anyone would think it’s appropriate to bring a child to a rave and then be shocked when people are outraged. That poor kid,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing “‘My baby was happy.’ Hell no that baby wasn’t. That had to be hell on earth. Most babies just loooove the chaos of being bumped into and spilled on in a loud environment. That’s why you see babies on the bar dance floor at 2am.”

“Sometimes you have no other choice. Umm the other choice is not to go and sell your tickets or give them away or not buy them at all,” a third commenter pointed out.

Some commenters even wondered if the child would’ve felt comfortable in that type of environment at all.

“You’ve got to be really short on perspective-taking abilities to think it’s ok to take a 10-month-old to a rave. The loud music, flashing lights, and flailing movements of people who are crowded together...Honestly to a baby, that experience would be identical to a death march through a literal war zone.”