Must Read: Tyler, the Creator and Louis Vuitton Reveal New Campaign, Shein To Market Its Supply-Chain Technology

Tyler, The Creator for Louis Vuitton.<p>Photo: Luis Perez/Courtesy of Louis Vuitton</p>
Tyler, The Creator for Louis Vuitton.

Photo: Luis Perez/Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Thursday.

Tyler, the Creator stars in Louis Vuitton Spring 2024 men's campaign
Louis Vuitton unveiled the campaign for its Spring 2024 men's collaboration with Tyler, the Creator, who also stars in the images. The capsule of jackets, knitwear, accessories, shoes, bags and more are now available online and in stores. See the campaign images photographed by Luis Perez below. {Fashionista inbox}

<p>Louis Vuitton Spring 2024 Men's Capsule Collection Campaign. Photo: Luis Perez/Courtesy of Louis Vuitton</p><p>Photo: Luis Perez/Courtesy of Louis Vuitton</p>

Louis Vuitton Spring 2024 Men's Capsule Collection Campaign. Photo: Luis Perez/Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Photo: Luis Perez/Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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Shein to market its supply-chain technology to global brands
Through a new initiative — dubbed "supply chain as a service" by Executive Chairman Donald Tangn in a letter to investors — Shein says it plans to make its supply-chain infrastructure and technology available to other brands. Shein's small-batch manufacturing model allows brands to test new fashion items in smaller batches and track their popularity. This move comes as Shein faces pushback from Western regulators and competition from budget retailer Temu. {Wall Street Journal/paywalled}

Batsheva to open its first store
Batsheva is opening its first-ever store in New York City's Soho neighborhood. The space features green fabric draping the walls, a glossy red ceiling and an abstract painted animal-print floor. "This is how I want to present my stuff," Designer Batsheva Hay told Vogue. "I had stopped making some one-of-a-kind pieces, that are more fitted and tailored, or were too challenging to photograph when you're only presenting stuff online; so here I can put things out and just see if they work." The store, located at 166 Elizabeth St., will be open to the public beginning on Friday, March 22 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. {Vogue/paywalled}

Was Meghan Markle "inspired" by Flamingo Estate?
Meghan Markle's new brand American Riviera Orchard potentially found "inspiration" from California lifestyle company Flamingo Estate, Puck's Rachel Strugatz writes. Puck reports that a potential partnership between Markle and Flamingo Estate fell through and that Markle had allegedly expressed an interest in becoming an "active partner" in the business. Mirroring some of Flamingo Estate's offerings, the trademark applications Markle filed for her new brand include mentions of candles, dried fruits and vegetables, cosmetic brushes, yoga mats and much more. {Puck/paywalled}

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