Nasa causes social media panic as it reveals our star signs might not be accurate after all

Caroline Allen
·4 min read
Horoscope lovers were in a state of panic today. (Getty Images)
Horoscope lovers were in a state of panic today. (Getty Images)

People who read their star signs may well have built their whole demeanours around the wise words of their horoscopes over the years.

Perhaps you’ve left your job because Mystic Meg told you to, or dumped a boyfriend because your star sign said you’d be better off without him.

It was understandable, then, that social media users went into a collective meltdown after rumours circulated on Twitter that Nasa had changed everybody’s star signs.

Cue inner identity crisis: “Wait, so I’m not a sassy but loveable Aries after all?”

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The truth is a little more complicated than that, though, and the good news is that Nasa has no plans – or the ability – to just change everybody’s star signs. Phew.

If the internet’s rumours were true, it would mean that all star signs must move back one month. So Aries would become Pisces, so on and so forth.

It would also mean that people who were born in December would now have a whole new star sign known mysteriously as Ophiuchus. Sagittarius-born people very nearly had an even more difficult star sign to spell.

The story didn’t appear as if from nowhere, though, because Nasa did share some very good – although not new – information about constellations in relation to star signs.

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Nasa explained how the stars above us have changed significantly over the years. This is unsurprising since they were first discovered by the Babylonians a casual 3,000 years ago.

To give a little bit of context for the non-stargazers amongst us, the earth wobbles a little bit on its axis, meaning that it naturally would have shifted positions over the past 3,000 years from its original placement.

That means the constellations that make up our much-loved star signs have moved over the years.

The Babylonians looked to fit 13 constellations into the 12 months of the year but decided to drop Ophiuchus so it was more easily divisible by month.

This led the good people of social media to question everything they’ve ever known about horoscopes, wondering how accurate they are if mere mortals can simply decide not to include a constellation.

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Former Love Island contestant Amber Davies led the angry mob with the tweet: “I’m not believing this star sign change. I am a libra. I AM A LIBRA NASA.”

Others welcomed the change, feeling as though they never quite embodied their star sign in the first place.

“Interesting as I'm far more Taurus than my actual sign Gemini! I'm not Gemini at all,” one Twitter user commented.

As more people read the news, the more incensed they became, with many feeling a built up allegiance to their star sign.

“So I’ve spent my WHOLE life thinking I’m an Aries and now NASA wanna tell me I’m a Pisces?!!! Erm I don’t think so hun, do they realise the horoscope section in Shout and Bliss magazines were integral in every life decision from the age of 8-14 you can’t be dropping this on me now,” one particularly upset tweet read.

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Rest assured, the world doesn’t need to get on board with living the life of a new star sign any time soon, because star signs (as we know them) were formed with the knowledge that Ophiuchus existed.

This means that the personas of the star signs that have built up over thousands of years are, in fact, accurate – if, of course, you believe in them.

The only thing we really need to know is that astrologers are sticking with the 12 star signs, so there’s no need to go questioning everything you’ve ever known just yet.

Panic averted, for now.