NHL makes changes to coach's challenge after playoff controversies

The National Hockey League has revised its rulebook when it comes to Coach's Challenges. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Do you remember when this happened?

Or how about this?

Yeah, neither of those tainted goals will be allowed in the National Hockey League ever again.

The NHL has revised its rules when it comes to coach’s challenges and one of the additions is the ability to challenge a “missed game stoppage in the offensive zone leading to a goal.”

This will probably be referred to as the ‘Timo Meier Rule,’ given just how egregious that missed hand-pass against the St. Louis Blues was.

The new rule clearly outlines that plays such as hand passes, high-sticking the puck and having the puck sail out of play in the build-up to a goal will be susceptible to review. Coaches, however, will not be able to challenge a perceived missed penalty in the lead-up to a goal.

I mean, this just makes sense, no?

In addition to Rule 38, the league is also cracking down on failed coach’s challenge attempts.

NHL coaches better be sure when they ask the officials for another look. A wrong challenge will now result in a two-minute penalty for delaying the game.

In the instance of multiple failed challenges by a team, the result will be a double-minor.

And, I mean, it’s hard to argue with the punishment. If you waste everybody’s time on multiple occasions, a four-minute trip to the box is surely warranted.

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