Nicole Richie 'wants it all,' David Foster is 'the worst': Stars reveal their biggest holiday shopping secrets at NowWith launch

Nicole Richie and David Foster take a selfie at Yahoo Lifestyle’s NowWith shopping video launch in Los Angeles. (Photo: Getty Images)

“I want it all!” Nicole Richie says with a laugh, when asked to pick a favorite from her new lifestyle brand, Honey Minx.

The designer and mother of two launched her line on Thursday night in Los Angeles, in collaboration with Yahoo Lifestyle’s NowWith, a new interactive video series that lets viewers shop a celebrity’s look while enjoying a glimpse into his or her life. NowWith is kicking off with videos featuring Richie and her line, Honey Minx, and Pretty Little Liars actress Janel Parrish in collaboration with eBay. (Watch our first video, here!)

“It’s a new way of shopping, and I totally understand it as a consumer,” says Richie. “We are all watching things on our phone. And I know that’s what my customer is doing as well, and I was really excited to jump on board with that,” she said.

Nicole Richie at Yahoo Lifestyle’s NowWith shopping video launch in Los Angeles. (Photo: Getty Images)

Richie, clad in a black toga and an orange Honey Minx headband, revealed that her new line was created “to be very giftable,” which makes the holiday season the perfect time to launch. “When I showed the line to my friends, they were walking around and they were like, ‘I would get this for my mom’ and ‘I would get this for my aunt’ or ‘I would get this for my little sister.” And it was really sweet to watch that process happen really organically,” she explained.

Gifting is important to Richie, who said that the most thoughtful present she’s opened recently came from a close girlfriend of hers. “She got me a really nice Rummikub set. We play a lot of games at my house. We bring a lot of people together, so I thought it was a thoughtful gift,” she disclosed.

Record producer and songwriter David Foster revealed that when it comes to holiday shopping, he’s the “worst Christmas shopper on the planet” but said he was getting some ideas from the products featured at the NowWith launch. He admitted that he is “not sure yet” what to get his newly coined fiancée, Katharine McPhee. But he tends to play it safe with his kids. “I have a go-to for my kids, which is gift certificates,” he said. As far as what he wants this year? “Airplane hours.”

Actress Nia Long, who couldn’t get enough of the Honey Minx accessory bags, raved about NowWith’s innovative shopping videos. “This is a genius idea. If you can have an online experience where you can watch your favorite celebrity and press a button and buy everything they are wearing or showing in that little vignette, it’s great!” she exclaimed.

Nicole Richie poses with Yahoo’s Lori Bongiorno and Abra Potkin at Yahoo Lifestyle’s NowWith shopping video launch in Los Angeles. (Photo: Getty Images)

And if Long could get any of her acting colleagues to offer up a chance to shop in their closets, she would love it to be Tracee Ellis Ross. “I love her because she’s daring but she’s also like 7 feet taller than me probably,” she said with a laugh.

Fifty Shades Freed star Arielle Kebbel was spotted eyeing Richie’s essential oils during the party as a seasonal gift idea for her pals, but she told Yahoo Lifestyle that there is one thing at the top of her wish list this season: Michelle Obama’s recently released memoir, Becoming.

“I also want her candles from the accessory line that came out with her book,” she said.

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