How often do you wash your pyjamas? Forum sparks heated debate

Jessica Ankomah
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When was the last time you washed your PJs?

A week ago? Maybe two?

The question sparked a fierce online debate when one mom claimed you should change your pyjamas daily to maintain good hygiene.

Posting to Mumsnet, another woman questioned whether she was being irresponsible to “think that really pyjamas should be washed after every wear?”

The discussion left the parenting forum divided as some members swore on washing their sleepwear daily, while others admitted to less frequent wash cycles.

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After initiating the discussion under the username scaryclown, the mom confessed she doesn’t wash her PJs daily, but admitted she’d wash similar items after just one wear.

“They are worn next to the skin for 8 hours and I’d wash anything else worn like that,” she wrote.

Another commenter wrote: “I have a clean pair for every evening, and so do my children… just always have.”

One person added that they change their pyjamas every day because they didn’t wear underwear underneath.

<i>(Image via Getty)</i>
(Image via Getty)

But many disagree with the idea of washing nightwear so regularly due to its environmental impact.

“I don’t wash jeans every day, so why would I was pyjamas every day? I wear one set for about three or four nights,” one commenter rebutted.

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Another wrote: “I never go to bed without a shower, and wear pants with PJ bottoms, so I wear mine for a couple of nights.”

Some were far more relaxed with their pyjama washing schedules, with one person adding: “I wash mine when I remember.”

But for others, the notion of washing pyjamas daily was too much, adding that the “obsession” with cleanliness was a “bit bonkers.”

Where do you stand on the matter?

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