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We tested Parachute's 'heavenly' bath towels — and right now, they're on sale

Parachute towels have been called the "softest" towels on the internet — so we decided to try them.

parachute, split screen of burnt orange parachute waffle towels in brown wooden bathroom and grey soft rib towel set from parachute
Parachute towels have been called the "softest" towels on the internet — so we decided to try them (Photos via Parachute).

When it comes to luxury textiles, few brands do it better than Parachute.

The home essentials brand offers a premium selection of sheets, quilts, robes, and rugs — basically all things soft and wonderful.

Quick Overview

While Parachute is perhaps best known for its internet-famous Cloud Cotton Robe and bedding bundles, its super soft and absorbent towel sets have become one of the retailer's most sought-after items. While the towel sets normally retail between $17 and $620, shoppers can take home washcloths, bath sheets, and towel sets for 20 per cent off right now.

For a limited time, Parachute is offering 20 per cent off (almost) everything sitewide ahead of Memorial Day in the U.S. To shop the sale and read what four Yahoo Canada editors thought of the brand's best-selling towels, scroll below.

Soft Rib Towels in light grey.
$55 at Parachute

Kayla Kuefler, Shopping & Lifestyle Editor

Let me start by saying: I am a big bath-time gal. My routine, much to the chagrin of those sharing my space, involves lengthy showers and time spent applying various serums, creams and hair products. This means, if you're following my line of reasoning, I am the perfect person to test out a towel — I spend hours wrapped up in them!

The Parachute towels (I opted for the Soft Rib Towels in bone) and I had a love-at-first-sight experience. Post-shower, I found them deliciously soft and a welcome upgrade from what I was previously using.

The Soft Rib Towels are touted to be exceptionally soft, quick-drying, and plush — an accurate description, in my opinion. However, you don't have to take my word for it. With an average rating of 4.46 stars, Parachute reviewers call the towels the "softest" they have ever tried and "heavenly" to use.

The only downside, in my opinion, is the price. At $69 per bath towel and $254 for the set (which includes two washcloths, two hand towels, and two bath towels), they're an investment. However, if you spend as much time keeping cozy post-shower as I do, they deserve a spot on your wish list.

Organic Cotton Towels in willow.
$55 at Parachute

Kate Mendonca, Shopping & Lifestyle Editor

I've been a fan of Parachute for a few years now, ever since I received one of the brand's Cloud Cotton Robes as a gift. Since then, I've also branched out into the brand's bedding and bath essentials, and none of it has disappointed.

The Soft Rib Towels have quickly become a staple in my linen closet, quickly replacing the old cotton towels that my fiancé and I first purchased when we moved in together years ago. The biggest draw is that the Parachute towels, as the name suggests, are incredibly soft.

I like to keep the Bath Towel on constant rotation, so there's always one ready when I step out of the shower. I'm also a huge fan of the Hand Towel, which I like to save for use in my powder room as a luxurious touch for guests.

However, like all luxury products, these towels come at a cost. For that reason, I'd suggest investing in a couple at a time rather than overhauling your linen closet at once — your wallet will thank you.

Waffle Towels in white.
$55 at Parachute

Hilary Hagerman, Lifestyle Managing Editor

You know those memes you see that are like "when you need to be somewhere at 8:30 and it's 8:27" and it's a woman wrapped up in a towel sitting on the bed staring into the abyss? That's based on me. Theoretically, I should put clothes on within 10-15 minutes of a shower but...I just don't. Anyway, I spend a lot of time in towels.

I also recently renovated my condo bathroom, which meant that the grimey towels I've had since my dorm room days were no longer doing it for me. I decided to give the Parachute Classic Turkish Towels in Mineral a whirl.

Let me start by saying that these are really soft. I'm used to scratchy towels that effectively scrape the water off your body, so it was a nice treat to feel like the water was actually being absorbed by these towels. The mineral colour is gorgeous — the perfect pale grey that goes with everything (as evidenced by my pink and dark green bathroom). They also wash and dry quite well — if you want to extend their life, I suggest washing on cool or warm water (instead of hot) with a mild detergent.

These 100 per cent cotton towels are also free of synthetic dyes, which means they're healthier for you and the planet.

The downside? A set of two bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths will set you back $224 CAD. The fact that they're naturally dyed also makes them more prone to discolouration when exposed to certain harsh chemicals — so if you have a skincare routine that includes ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, you might want to go for the white set.

Classic Turkish Cotton Towels in mineral.
$47 at Parachute

Chris Stoodley, Lifestyle & News Editor

When it comes to bath time, I absolutely love doing a deep clean to feel completely pristine. But once that warm, relaxing water is no longer raining down on me, I want to spend as little time as possible wrapped up in a towel. It's simply too weird of a transitory stage between feeling squeaky clean post-shower and ready to tackle the day for me.

But after giving the Parachute Classic Turkish Towels in Stone a try, I'm tempted to start indulging in a few moments of bliss after a hot shower wrapped up in full-on coziness.

These towels are ridiculously soft, and using them quickly transports me to feeling like I'm at the spa. Not only that, but the cool grey tone easily makes any space look chic yet masculine. Coming from worn down, scratchy towels that have been used for years, it might be easy to impress me. But take my word for it: These towels will truly level up your bathing routine.

However, what comes as a luxury often comes with a hefty price tag — and these towels aren't an exception. The steep $224 price tag for a set of these is a pretty big con when there are less costly alternatives on the market. But in this case, it might be wise to make an investment that'll keep you happy.

100% premium Turkish cotton makeup towel set.
$28 at Parachute

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