Pediatrician calls out anti-vac on bogus ‘big pharma’ theory


When it comes to vaccines, there are a lot of opinions out there. But one pediatrician wants to set the record straight when it comes to the popular “big pharma” theory.

One of the reasons some parents have chosen to not vaccinate their children is because they believe that doctors are being paid by big pharmaceutical companies to push these “dangerous” drugs. Sure, there are other reasons why parents may choose not to vaccinate, but it was this theory in particular that really got to one pediatrician, who decided to speak out in a Facebook post.

“I’m a pediatrician,” writes Mikey in a Facebook post shared by Refutations to Anti-Vaccine Memes. “[And] actually, we do get one,” he says in response to anti-vac parent Todd who suggest that doctors get a bonus for vaccinating.

Mikey goes on to explain that yes, he is right, doctors do get kickback for vaccinating kids, but it’s not from the big pharmaceutical companies.

“It comes from BIG INSURA,” he says. “The INSURANCE companies pay us a bonus for taking good care of our patients. For pediatricians like me, that means making sure that kids have all their vaccines by a certain age.”

He then explains how that bonus works and what vaccines are implicated.

But more importantly, he addresses his confusion as to why anyone would believe in the "big pharma" theory to begin with.

“Now, why would an INSURANCE company want to pay me to give expensive vaccines (that they have to pay for, mind you) to a child if those vaccines were harmful? That would make no sense because the INSURANCE company would have to pay for the extra care that the child requires because of the ‘vaccine injuries.’”

“I am reducing their costs by making my patients less likely to need expensive hospital stays and so the insurance company shares some of those costs with us.”

For this pediatrician, it’s simply a matter of logic and ethics.

“I didn’t bust my a– through four years of university, four punishing years of medical school, and three dreadful years of residency (where we worked hours that made even the surgery residents cringe) giving up my entire 20s to work in the lowest-paying, hardest-working specialty in medicine just so I could hurt kids.”

While many commenters have applauded Mikey for speaking out, some are still skeptical.

“Gosh, this is so funny to me….you guys think the insurance companys are on your side,” said Chloe Lehman.

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