People are finding Mike Rowe’s dad’s shopping experience so relatable

Maggie Parker
“Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe shared his father’s recent shopping experience on Facebook. (Photo: Getty Images, inset:Facebook/Mike Rowe)
“Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe shared his father’s recent shopping experience on Facebook. (Photo: Getty Images, inset:Facebook/Mike Rowe)

For some dads, trying to fit in at the mall is like us trying to fit into one of Kim Kardashian’s latex dresses. It’s too hard, awkward, and frankly, terrifying. Mike Rowe’s dad would probably agree. The Dirty Jobs host shared his father’s recent shopping experience on Facebook, and his fans are finding it both funny and relatable.

His mom texted him a recap of her trip to the mall with her husband, and Rowe shared a screen shot of that text with his fans. “Dad hates shopping but came to the mall this afternoon,” Rowe’s mother began. “We were separated, and when I finally found him in department store, he just said, ‘I’m a stranger in a strange land,’ like he was lost.”

This is definitely something men all over the world can relate to.

Rowe’s father found the bra section quite enlightening, which his mother also documented. She sent the Discovery Channel and CNN host photos of his adorable dad posing next to and examining bras like they were art — which sometimes they are. Rowe shared those photos with his followers too.

And once the confusion subsided, his father then proceeded to guess the bra sizes of women walking by. “Funny man, your father. Childlike and innocent — sometimes,” his mom concluded.

The replies starting rolling in. “What fun you must have had growing up with this pair! Your dad sure learned a thing or two while he was… ‘lost,'” one follower wrote. “I’m so happy Dad had the good sense not to do what most men would’ve wanted to do. Men, bras do not make good ear muffs, nor is it cute when you try it,” another wrote. To that, Rowe replied, “My mother sent several photos. Not all of them appropriate for a Sunday,” implying that his dad may have messed around with the intimate wear.

Others shared similar anecdotes. “M, my husband went with me on a similar trip…he had had a couple of beers with lunch…I heard his loud voice saying, ‘Why the hell would a woman buy a minimizer.’ Oh, dear. Giggling, he perused the merchandise…I quickly left him only to see sales people…hiding chuckles behind their hands. Ugh, cannot take him anywhere. He is normally a very quiet kind of guy,” one follower recalled.

Another shared: “Instead of cup letter sizes, my Dad would aggravate my Mother by observing ‘English walnuts,’ ‘Grapefruits,’ ‘Fried eggs’ and the like. Hilarious! I miss my funny Dad.” One weighed in with: “My brother would have put it on over his shirt and asked people if it made him pretty.” Added another: “I thought my husband was the only dork that did that! LOL. Brings to mind the story my mother told me years ago. Dad was in the same situation your father was in; however, mom was taking too long. He finally announced to her, ‘Are you done yet? I’m tired of standing around in women’s underwear.'”

Some men who responded could relate to Rowe’s father. “I’ll be 40 years old in a few months, and I still think I’m hilarious when I do that. My wife does not agree with me,” one fan wrote of using bras as earmuffs.

Apparently, we’re the only ones who don’t find bras that funny. Annoying and uncomfortable? Definitely. But amusing? Not so much. Well, at least these guys are getting a good chuckle out of them.

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