Piers Morgan confesses what he didn’t enjoy about the Eras Tour

Piers Morgan has revealed what his “only dampener” was when attending Taylor Swift’s concert in London over the weekend.

On June 23, Morgan went to the “Anti-Hero” singer’s third back-to-back show at Wembley Stadium, along with a slew of famous concert guests. Following the event, Piers wrote an article for The Sun about the concert, which he attended with his 12-year-old daughter, Elise, and acknowledged how impressed he was by the Eras tour.

After noting how evident it was that his daughter “enjoyed herself” at the concert, he confessed why he wasn’t necessarily pleased about one part of the event, receving a friendship bracelet from a fan.

Piers Morgan says ‘only dampener’ at Taylor Swift’s concert was receiving a bracelet with ‘Mean’ lyrics (Getty Images)
Piers Morgan says ‘only dampener’ at Taylor Swift’s concert was receiving a bracelet with ‘Mean’ lyrics (Getty Images)

“The only dampener for me came as we left, and stewards handed us all a free friendship bracelet. Everyone else in our group got uplifting loving messages. Mine said simply: ‘Y U gotta be so mean?’” he wrote, as the bracelet refers to the lyrics from Swift’s song, “Mean”, off her Speak Now album.

Since the start of the Eras tour last year, fans have abided by a tradition of handing out friendship bracelets to fellow guests and strangers at the concert. The strategy, which is common at EDM concerts and raves, was inspired also by the lyrics of Swift’s song “You’re on Your Own Kid”, which are “So make the friendship bracelets/ take the moments and taste it.” 

Piers’ “Mean”-themed bracelet comes as he’s continued to spark outrage over his controversial interview guests. In May, viewers branded him as “unethical” for an interview with Scottish lawyer Fiona Havery, who allegedly inspired the character in Richard Gadd’s hit drama series Baby Reindeer. The series is allegedly about Harvey, who is named Martha in the show, with the episodes showcasing how Martha stalked and harassed Gadd for months.

The former Good Morning Britain host has also been criticized for making misogynistic comments about women, including repeated allegations about Meghan Markle after she and husband Prince Harry left their roles as working members of the royal family.

Elsewhere in his piece of The Sun, Morgan discussed how the Eras tour was a fun place for celebrities, with The Beatles star Paul McCartney in the stands and Swift’s boyfriend, NFL star Travis Kelce, even making an appearance on stage. He went on to share one of his biggest takeaways about the “All Too Well” singer after attending her concert.

“In my Bizarre days, I saw better live singers (Freddie Mercury), better dancers (Jacko), and better all-round musicians (Prince), but I’ve never seen anyone with a stronger connection to her audience than Taylor Swift,” Piers wrote. “As for her songs, they’re the purest form of pop music, each one telling its own little story, each one touching the heartstrings in its own little way.

He added: “She writes great pop because she understands what people go through in the relentless emotional rollercoaster of life, having experienced it herself.”

On Monday, he took to his social media accounts to share a picture of himself smiling and standing in Wembley Stadium before the show. “Taylor, the wait is over. For both of us. #Swifty,” he wrote in the caption.

Unsurprisingly, the star-studded guest list at Swift’s three shows in London was quite long. Some of the famous faces in the VIP tent included Paul McCartney, Tom Cruise, Hugh Grant, Hollywood couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, Sophie Turner, Greta Gerwig, and even Prince William and his two eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Kelce was at all of the London shows over the weekend, as he made his surprise onstage appearance during the June 23 concert. During the show, he posed as one of her backup dancers – as he wore a tuxedo and top hat – to carry her across the stage before she performed “I Can Do It with a Broken Heart”.

The performative transition into the song featured funny moments of the couple, with Kelce hilariously using a fan and makeup brush on himself, as Swift changed outfits. After he danced and moved his arms forward to introduce his girlfriend, he then used the makeup brush on her face, as she sighed at him.

The next day, the “Fortnight” singer posted about the moment on Instagram, giving her beau an adorable shoutout in the caption. “I’m still cracking up/swooning over @killatrav’s Eras Tour debut,” she wrote. “Never going to forget these shows.”

Kelce’s Eras tour debut also came one day after Swift made their relationship Instagram official, with a selfie of the pair that included Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte. “Happy Bday M8! London shows are off to a splendid start,” her caption reads, as the three British royals attended her concert on the Prince of Wales’ 42nd birthday.