Pregnant meteorologist claps back at viewer who criticized her 'disgusting,' 'skin tight' clothes

A morning show meteorologist is clapping back after a viewer criticized her “skin tight” maternity attire in a tweet — and now other social media users have joined in to defend her.

Kelsey McEwen‏, a meteorologist and host for CTV’s Your Morning, received the criticism in the form of a tweet on Tuesday morning.

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McEwen graciously blocked out the user’s identity, but took a screenshot of the tweet and responded: “When what a 34 week pregnant woman is wearing is what someone finds ‘disgusting’ in this world… time to check your priorities.”

Other viewers quickly came to McEwen’s defense, reassuring the host that not only is her “growing belly” the ultimate form of beauty, her maternity clothes are impeccable.

McEwen thanked her supporters for their kind words and noted that, fortunately, she received few negative comments.

“But it highlights something important,” the mom-to-be expressed in a series of tweets. “Our bodies are no one’s business, pregnant or not. Self-worth is not defined by our shape, number on the scale or size of clothing. My self worth comes down to one thing, and one thing only. ME. Compliments don’t build me up and criticisms don’t tear me down.”

“And while yes, many aspects of pregnancy can be ‘disgusting’ (hemorrhoids, peeing accidentally, gas and heartburn), my growing belly is NOT. You know what IS disgusting? Hate. Racism. Terrorism. Bullying.”

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“Use your time today to share the love,” she concluded. “Because there are enough Trumps and trolls out there doing the opposite. End rant.”

McEwen also briefly discussed the issue with her cohosts on Your Morning during their daily news roundtable.

She acknowledged that she has been flooded with compliments and beautiful messages from viewers who are just as excited as she is about the pregnancy.

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“I’m a firm believer that my body and your body is no one’s business but your own.”<em> (Screenshot via CTV)</em>
“I’m a firm believer that my body and your body is no one’s business but your own.” (Screenshot via CTV)

“I’m a firm believer that my body and your body is no one’s business but your own,” McEwen said. “Your body is not for anyone to talk about — whether they’re talking about your pregnant shape or they’re talking about your athleticism or your hair colour or your skin colour. It is not anyone else’s business but your own.”

“When we dive into these discussions about only complimenting or only criticizing other people, we detract from so much more. We are one human race, we are one people, and when all we can talk about is our worth based on attractiveness … we just set ourselves up to fail time and time again.”

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