Princess Charlotte Loves Dancing, According to Kate Middleton

Princess Charlotte Loves Dancing, According to Kate Middleton

Princess Charlotte is a busy young royal.

Let us explain: While her mom Kate Middleton visited a Yorkshire textile mill, she met a 7-year-old girl named Emily. When the Princess of Wales asked the youngster what she enjoys doing, Emily replied that she liked dancing. Kate replied, "My daughter Charlotte likes dancing, she loves ballet and tap. Keep up the dancing." Earlier this year, for her 8th birthday, Kate brought Princess Charlotte and friends to a ballet performance of Cinderella at the Royal Opera House in London.

This isn't the first time Kate—or Prince William—has spoken about their daughter's love of dancing and ballet. During a Commonwealth Day reception a few years ago, William shared, "My daughter Charlotte loves dancing," and a year prior, Kate had said Charlotte "loves to dance."

In addition to dancing, Kate has spoken about her daughter's sporty extracurriculars recently. In June, she shared that she plays rugby with all her children. On Mike Tindall's podcast earlier this month, the Princess of Wales said rugby and football weren't school sports when she was growing up, but "Charlotte's playing both the sports now, and it's really good to see youngsters, particularly girls, playing these types of sports now."

All three of her kids, Kate said, "are all obviously very different temperaments. And as they are growing and trying out different sports, they're obviously still really young, it's going to be interesting to see how that grows and develops."

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