Princess Kate's 'affectionate exchange' with Prince William on palace balcony shows their 'deep and romantic bond'

William and Kate share loving looks
William and Kate shared a loving exchange (Getty)

The Princess of Wales was captured exchanging an "affectionate glance" with the Prince of Wales, demonstrating their "deep and romantic bond," as she returned to public life amid her cancer treatment to join the royal family at Trooping the Colour on Saturday.

Kate, 42, joined her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in the carriage procession to celebrate the King's birthday parade, watching the ceremony from the Duke of Wellington's former office on Horse Guards Parade, as Prince William rode horseback.

The future queen then joined her family on the balcony to watch the flypast after returning to Buckingham Palace in the carriage.

Noor Hibbert, Celebrity Mindset Coach and Body Language Expert, tells HELLO! that Kate put on a "professional 'game face' smile as she got ready to step out in front of the public".

She adds: "She is aware that she needs to power through, to be there with her family and her smile is there as a way to mask any internal challenges she may be going through. She cares about showing up but may understandably find that uncomfortable during this season of her life."

Princess Kate waves during Trooping the Colour
Kate smiled and waved to the crowds during the carriage procession (Getty)

Ahead of her appearance, Kate shared in a personal message released on Friday thatshe was making "good progress" with her treatment, but candidly said she has "good days and bad days" and although she has been working from home, said, "I am not out of the woods yet".

In part, the Princess also said: "On those bad days you feel weak, tired and you have to give in to your body resting. But on the good days, when you feel stronger, you want to make the most of feeling well."

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"Incredible strength"

Analysing Kate's balcony appearance, Noor tells HELLO!: "We can see a complete change in demeanour once she's on the balcony, surrounded by her children, husband and father in law.

"You can see the difference in Kate's smile, which becomes evidently wide, as William looks straight in her eyes whilst they exchange communication on the balcony. His eyes show care for his wife and this affectionate exchange demonstrates the deep and romantic bond between the two."

Prince William and Kate Middleton looking at each other - they're joined by Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte
William and Kate swapped affectionate glances (Getty)

Cameras captured some sweet moments and loving glances between William and Kate, who marked their 13th wedding anniversary in April.

Noor continues: "As they stood there united as a family, Kate demonstrated her incredible strength and ability to show up, with zero evidence of self-pity. As a proud member of the royal family, she showcases with finesse and stoicism, which is what being a royal is all about."

And while the Princess has stood next to the King at Trooping the Colour in previous years, the placing seemed all the more significant this year as they both undergo cancer treatment.

Kate standing next to Charles on palace balcony
Kate and Charles chatted animatedly (Getty)

"It is no accident that Kate stood next to the King," Noor tells HELLO! "He shone with pride with his family around him, as Kate was on his right side and his Queen on the left.

 "It seems apparent that he respects and cherishes Kate. They often engaged in animated laughter and conversation which can be seen in the pictures. The eye contact shows genuine connection and no doubt a bond that has grown deeper with their shared experiences of cancer."

Ahead of Kate's appearance at Trooping the Colour, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson shared that the King was "delighted" that Kate was able to join them.