Here are Queen Camilla's recommended lifestyle changes aged 76

Camilla in blue dress and tiara and sash
Camilla, Queen Consort during a Diplomatic Corps reception at Buckingham Palace (Pool)

It is no secret that Queen Camilla leads an exceedingly hectic life. When she's not jetting off to Kenya and meeting the Republic's president, she's attending the historic State Opening of Parliament. With this busy lifestyle comes an extra need for the King's wife to take care of herself as she approaches her 77th year.

Dr. Tamara Alireza, Functional Medicine Practitioner at Skinfluencer London is on hand to exclusively give us her expert opinion on what lifestyle changes the Queen should be making to ensure she stays fit and well to keep up with that demanding schedule…

Though Queen Camilla continues to grow old gracefully, there are considerations for her general wellbeing that Dr. Tamara says are key to her being able to attend all the fabulous events in her diary. "Those aged over 70 tend to have weaker immune systems, so if stressed and traveling frequently, this can lead to illness," Dr. Tamara tells us.

To maintain a strong immune system, the medical expert says to ensure "adequate nutrition, [including] zinc and vitamin D with K2 supplementation.

Queen Camilla pauses after placing memorial cross
The Queen took a moment after placing her cross during Remembrance weekend (Getty)

"Vitamins C and E are also important to maintain levels, but can be found in foods such as citrus or peppers, and nuts or olive oil, respectively," she adds. Dr. Tamara points out that gut health is linked to a healthy immune system so Queen Camilla's already finetuned diet can play a significant role in ensuring a stronger immune system with a better response to infection.

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Choosing foods that feed beneficial bacteria in the gut is key and consuming plenty of probiotics is the way to achieve this. Asparagus, onions, garlic, and Jerusalem artichokes are all top of Dr. Tamara's shopping list for this very purpose.

King Charles and Queen Camilla sit in the Grand Tier seats at ballet
Queen Camilla's busy schedule includes trips to the ballet with the King (Getty)

The rule of five fruits and vegetables a day, or seven as it has been upped to, is a rule for a reason, and it applies even to the royals. Dr. Tamara highlights that Queen Camilla should be eating fresh fruit and veg, aiming for 30-50 different products per week, to feed beneficial bacteria in her gut. Any inflammation that the royal may be experiencing can also be reduced with dietary alterations, Dr. Tamara says.

The doctor says it is all in increasing microbiome diversity, "which can be achieved by including probiotic-rich fermented foods such as sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, organic yoghurt" into the Queen's daily diet.

The Queen should be eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables (Getty)

A jet-setting royal needs energy especially as she heads towards her 76th year which means lots of protein. Upping your protein intake isn't just for bodybuilders and gym fanatics. Dr. Tamara says Queen Camilla should be consuming 1.2-1.5g of protein per kilo of her body weight in order to keep her energy levels up, for healthy hormone production, and to preserve her muscle mass, which can decline with age.

Upping your protein doesn't mean just consuming tonnes of red meat and eggs. As Dr. Tamara highlights, the Queen could diversify her protein intake by eating "organic meats, poultry, wild fish, or vegan sources such as lentils, edamame, mung beans, tofu, beans, and quinoa."

A colourful salad
A colourful salad is great for the gut (Getty)

As is a well-known fact, calcium levels can decrease with age, raising the chances of the Queen developing osteoporosis. Camilla has worked closely with the Royal Osteoporosis Society as her mother sadly passed away from the condition in 1994.

Luckily, increasing calcium levels couldn't be easier. Dr. Tamara says to incorporate "organic dairy, yoghurt, sardines or fish with bones, bok choy, kale, and collard greens" for a greater Vitamin D intake.

Queen Camilla bottle feeds elephant in Nairobi
Queen Camilla is quite the jetsetter (Getty)

As you would expect, keeping healthy isn't all about what you eat. Taking regular exercise is crucial to staying fit and well and Dr. Tamara says there are certain forms of exercise Queen Camilla should be prioritising.

Preventing sarcopenia (loss of muscle and strength as we age) and increasing lifespan and quality of life is helped by regular daily movement such as walking, yoga, or strength training, Dr. Tamara says. Preventing falls can also be achieved with tai chi as it has been shown to improve postural control.

camilla playing table tennis
Keeping active is important for the royal (WPA Pool)

Dr. Tamara shares a key takeaway for Queen Camilla and for those trying to stay fit and healthy to keep up with a busy lifestyle - "Refrain from pro-inflammatory foods such as sugar, and eat a wide array of plant products, ensure adequate protein intake and some form of daily movement."

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She adds that mindfulness is also key to physical wellbeing but also personal happiness. The doctor says: "Reduce stress by prioritising good quality sleep and potentially including at least five minutes a day of meditation or quiet time to yourself." Now that sounds like a lifestyle change we should all be taking note of.