Real-life photos of Coachella show the difference between Instagram and reality

  • Coachella is one of the biggest and most famous music festivals in the world.

  • It's also billed as a can't-miss event for people interested in art, fashion, and pop culture.

  • However, our real-life photos from 2023 prove it's not always as glamorous as it appears on social media.

Coachella's famous Ferris wheel is a staple in photos.

coachella 2023
Coachella's most recognizable attraction is billed as "the world's largest transportable Ferris wheel."Callie Ahlgrim

But to actually ride the attraction, you need to wait in a long line and pay an extra ticket fee.

coachella 2023
Fans wait in line to ride the Ferris wheel at Coachella.Callie Ahlgrim

Indeed, doing anything during peak hours can take ages, from using a locker to getting a cocktail.

coachella 2023
Fans wait in line to access a storage locker at Coachella.Callie Ahlgrim

Spectra is another piece of Coachella eye candy that's cool to experience during the daytime.

coachella 2023
Spectra is a large-scale art installation designed by NEWSUBSTANCE.Callie Ahlgrim

But if you try to enjoy the art installation at night, it's a complete let-down.

coachella 2023
Festivalgoers inside the Spectra installation at Coachella.Callie Ahlgrim

Festivalgoers often use Coachella's sculptures as photo backdrops.

coachella 2023
A fan poses in front of Holoflux by Guvenc Ozel.Callie Ahlgrim

Behind the scenes, the art is used more often to take refuge from the cruel heat.

coachella 2023
People seek refuge in the shade of Eden, an art installation by Maggie West.Callie Ahlgrim

In fact, much of the day is spent searching for a slice of shade.

coachella 2023
Fans sometimes prioritize shade over being close to the stage.Callie Ahlgrim

Fans love to share up-close photos of their favorite performers.

coachella charli xcx 2023
Charli XCX performs at Coachella on Saturday.Callie Ahlgrim

But if you want to actually get close to the A-list stars and headliners, you'll be waiting for hours in the sun.

coachella main stage 2023
Fans camping at the main stage on Saturday to see Frank Ocean perform.Callie Ahlgrim

Most Instagram photos are taken on day one or two. By day three, the picturesque field has turned brown and dusty.

coachella 2023
Coachella's festival grounds become tattered over time.Callie Ahlgrim

At the end of each day, the festival grounds are littered with trash.

coachella 2023
Festivalgoers leave trash everywhere.Callie Ahlgrim

Whatever method of transportation you choose — shuttle, Uber, or your own car — it's a long and sweaty walk to get back and forth.

coachella 2023
Coachella attendees walk from the Uber drop-off point to the festival entrance.Callie Ahlgrim

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