Rebel Wilson, 41, Shares The ‘Simple Solution’ That Turbocharged Her Weight Loss

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  • Rebel Wilson reveals the exercise that aided in her weight loss.

  • She says walking an hour a day, six days a week was key in her ‘year of health’ journey.

  • “Sometimes the simplest thing like getting out and walking for an hour a day is the kindest thing to your body, and your body will respond to that,” the actress said in a recent Apple Fitness+ episode of Time to Walk on Apple Watch.

Rebel Wilson knows a thing or two about being in the public eye. Whether she’s talking about her ‘year of health’ or posting swimsuit selfies to Instagram, the actress, writer, and producer doesn’t shy away from discussing how she focuses on her mental and physical health. Now, the star is going into more detail about her weight loss journey and sharing the (extremely simple) exercise that helped her lose weight: walking.

In the season three premiere of Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk on Apple Watch, Wilson takes listeners with her while she hikes Griffith Park, Los Angeles. During the 32-minute episode, she talks about her life-changing weight loss journey and reveals exactly what motivated her to become the healthiest version of herself.

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“My goal was to get healthier and lose the bodyweight I didn’t want,” she said during the hike. “I knew deep down that I wasn’t the healthiest version of myself because of work commitments.” She said she was going through “some fertility stuff. And the doctor said if I did get healthy, then that would be a lot better for me.” Wilson suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which “made it harder than an average person would have to lose weight.”

After promising herself that 2020 would be her year of health, Wilson attended an Austrian health retreat where she developed a new understanding of her health and wellness goals. “An Austrian doctor said ‘Rebel, the best way for you to lose unwanted body fat is by just simply walking, it doesn’t have to be high intensity or uphill…just simply walk an hour a day.’”

Wilson couldn’t believe the doctor’s advice was so simple. “It just made me think: OK I should take it a bit easier on myself, and just do it gently and do it lightly. So in 2020 I lost weight but very, very gradually. Sometimes I kicked up things a notch with some workouts and went hard. But, the majority of the work for the year was just doing things like walking for an hour.”

She decided that instead of forcing herself to lift heavy weights and practice intense workouts at the gym (that left her feeling exhausted), she would focus on getting in physical exercise in a more relaxed way: walking. She says it was a “simple solution” to something she’d thought about a lot before. “Sometimes the simplest thing like getting out and walking for an hour a day is the kindest thing to your body, and your body will respond to that,” said Wilson.

To hear more of Wilson’s journey in her own words, and get in on the walking action yourself, you can access the walk on Apple Fitness+ via your Apple watch. If you don’t have an Apple Watch yet, now’s the perfect time to get one. Shop the latest iterations below so you can enjoy all the Time to Walk features on your next hike or walk around the neighborhood.

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