Roxy Earle opens up about first trimester workouts — and fans are praising her

Roxy Earle is committing to her goals.

Roxy Earle opens up to fans about the first-trimester workouts of her second pregnancy via Instagram/ @luxuriousroxy
Roxy Earle opens up to fans about the first-trimester workouts of her second pregnancy via Instagram/ @luxuriousroxy

Roxy Earle is committing to her goals.

On Tuesday, "The Real Housewives Of Toronto" alum shared an Instagram Reel of workout clips from the first semester of her second pregnancy.

Earle and her husband, Arnold Mahesa —who already share a one-year-old son — revealed they're expecting another child last month.

In the video, the body-positivity advocate compiled footage of her morning workouts and stunning workout outfits over the past three months.

She paired the post with a caption opening up about her first-trimester workout journey.

"One trimester of workouts in the bag!" she penned. "There were mornings where I wanted to cancel, throw up, go back to sleep, or just give up, but I didn’t!"

"Every day I showed up and even if it was hard I did something. Consistency takes work but I’m telling you nothing feels better than committing to your goals," Earle concluded.

Fans met Earle's video with applause and congratulatory messages.

"Very badass! Keep up the good work. So inspiring!" an Instagram user commented.

Another added: "Kudos to you. The first trimester can seriously suck and this is a great accomplishment."

"You go, girl!" someone else chimed in.

"Way to go. More power to you!" a fan wrote.

In October, Earle shared a powerful message with her more than 100,000 Instagram followers about how her relationship has helped her see her beauty and accept herself.

"One day you’re going to meet your person and finally see your beauty how they see it," she wrote alongside a romantic video of herself and Mahesa holdings hands on vacation. "I’ve wasted many years never taking photos from behind on a beach, feeling unworthy of love because of my swimsuit size and having it reinforced by someone who was supposed to be making me feel beautiful."

The reality star pointed out that being with the wrong person can make it difficult to feel confident.

"It’s hard to feel beautiful and confident in an environment that’s toxic," she shared. "I highly suggest finding the courage to be loved how you deserve to be loved and spending the day on a deserted island when you do."

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