The 'saggy' feature that this body-positive blogger is embracing

Chidera Eggerue started #SaggyBoobsMatter to embrace her beautiful features. (Photo courtesy of Chidera Eggerue)

Body positivity is increasingly recognized on various media platforms as an important way to embrace all body types and individual characteristics. But even within the movement itself, there are perceived limitations for women — and men — who feel they’re shamed for their physical features that haven’t yet been brought to the forefront of mainstream culture.

For Chidera Eggerue, a 23-year-old award-winning blogger, speaker, and presenter from South London, her slim figure comes with a certain feature that she believes the media portrays as less desirable. And because of that, she’s created her own movement: #SaggyBoobsMatter.

On Eggerue’s Instagram, where she goes by @theslumflower, the woman who admits to having been a self-conscious young girl now flaunts her beautiful body for her more than 55,000 followers. In doing so, she’s progressed in her own journey to self-love and acceptance, while also inspiring others to embark on a journey of their own.

“It can often become difficult for slim women who have body hangups because women are normally punished for being fat and rewarded for being slim,” Eggerue tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “But no matter your size, you can still have saggy boobs.”

The duality of beauty standards pushed through social media, and by pop culture, focuses on the necessity to be both ‘sexy‘ and ageless — which is exactly where the #SaggyBoobsMatter campaign comes into play. Eggerue explains that her figure, which would otherwise be considered appealing by mainstream standards, is put to shame because of her chest. She attributes this to the fact that saggy boobs are traditionally a sign of aging.

The blogger has gotten support from women who are inspired by her message. (Photo courtesy of Chidera Eggerue)

“The world shames women for aging,” she says. “Anything that signifies aging on a woman’s body is seen as something that makes her less desirable. Saggy boobs are one of them. This movement exists because women should not have to explain their bodies to anybody.”

To capture the essence of body positivity, the young influencer reminds her followers to be unapologetic about who they are. Admitting to previously being “scared” about men not liking her for her physicality, Eggerue now calls their opinions “barely valuable” when it comes to women’s bodies. Instead, she values the fact that she loves herself “even when nobody’s looking.”

Through her efforts to expose both the hashtag, and her message behind it, Eggerue has received some amazing responses — many of which she says come from breastfeeding mothers. But she continues to remind those who are confused by #SaggyBoobsMatter about her mission.

“Saggy boobs are not a flaw,” Eggerue maintains. “They are a feature.”

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