Sangita Patel wows fans with 'mind-blowing' fitness challenge on Mexico vacation

Sangita Patel is spreading some fitness inspiration.

On Tuesday, the "ET Canada" host took to Instagram to share a video completing a "mind-blowing" fitness challenge with her husband, Samir Patel, on the beach while vacationing in Mexico.

During the workout, Sangita wore a pair of black shorts and a fluorescent pink sports bra, while her husband opted for black shorts and a pale pink V-neck T-shirt.

The clip begins with another couple successfully completing the challenge before segueing to the Canadian duo trying it themselves.

"We got this," the on-screen text reads as Patel attempts to jump on her husband's shoulders. "Umm, maybe not."

"Shocked," she added after finally nailing it.

"Yup, you know I couldn't leave without a challenge on the beach," she captioned the video, before thanking her fans for sending her the challenge to try. "Took a few tries and a lot of laughter."

Fans met Patel's video with praise for her impressive agility and for her husband's patience.

"Mind-blowing that you guys managed to pull this off so quickly. And in the sand?! Super impressive," one Instagram user commented.

"This poor man! If that ain't love, I don't know what is," another wrote.

"Lol you did it!" one person added, alongside a clapping emoji. "But poor Sam is taking a beating."

"Your husband is a good sport," someone else pointed out.

A fan added, "Nothing you do shocks me anymore, lol. You got this, mama!"

Earlier this month, the 43-year-old wowed fans with another motivational exercise video, demonstrating a seemingly difficult ab workout challenge.

In the clip, Patel hung by her arms on a Smith machine before completing a set of core-quaking leg raises inside her recently-built home gym.

Patel wore her hair in a loose messy bun while sporting a black Project Rock training bra and black shorts. She also paired the look with white and orange running shoes.

"Ten, nine, eight, done! I did this core workout five times in a row," she captioned it. "Nope, I did not enjoy it, but my abs were sore the next day. Adding it to my core workout. I will be cursing a lot!"

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