'Feel the burn!': Sangita Patel nails tough workout in fitness post

Sangita Patel is back with another weekly dose of fitness inspiration.

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Sangita Patel shares motivational fitness video via Instagram/ @sangita.patel
Sangita Patel is sharing another motivational fitness video with her fans. (Photo via Instagram/ @sangita.patel)

Sangita Patel is back with another weekly dose of fitness inspiration.

On Tuesday, the "ET Canada" host, 43, shared an Instagram Reel of herself breaking a sweat in her latest Fitness Tuesday post.

The Toronto-based television personality paired the impressive video with an important reminder for her fans about "body fat spot reduction."

She began by sharing that she has received many questions about how to reduce "love handles," but that there is no targeted solution. Patel's advice is to stick with exercises that burn body fat overall and increase metabolic rate.

"Love handles…I get so many questions about this," she penned. "As we know, body fat spot reduction is not possible. Sucks eh?"

"Actually, this area is harder for men. I mean, there are so many other elements, including hormones and diet," the mom-of-two continued. "This is one my frustrating areas too, ugh. But everything goes hand in hand. Weight training will tone you up and increase your metabolic rate (steady-state of burning fat).
So try these exercises."

"Feel the burn!" Patel concluded.

Fans met Patel's post with praise for her advice and encouragement.

"You are a beast and I want to be one too!" one Instagram user commented.

Another added: "Incredible work. Those elbow plank twists are crazy!"

"Always looking good and giving great vibes for our workouts!" a fan wrote.

"Oh my goodness, you are amazing! That kettlebell move looks painful," someone else weighed in.

"You're so strong! Thank you for sharing this! Such an important reminder and just the inspo I needed," commented another.

Last week, Patel garnered praise for looking "ageless" after sharing a video marking her 10-year anniversary with "ET Canada."

"Ten years of incredible experiences, connecting with amazing peeps and living a career where I still pinch myself thinking, 'Whoa, me?'" she captioned the post.

"You haven't aged a day. You look even younger now than you did 10 years ago," one person commented, while another added, "How do you look younger now than you did 10 years ago?! Happy 10-year anniversary!"

"Truly aging backward! So stunning. Congrats, queen!" a commenter wrote.

"You got that Benjamin Button disease. Cheers," another fan quipped.

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