Sarah Nicole Landry shows off stretch marks in powerful post: 'I feel nothing except gratitude'

The Canadian influencer says she "sobbed" after seeing her first stretch mark.

Sarah Nicole Landry is reflecting on her self-love journey. (Photo via @thebirdspapaya on Instagram)
Sarah Nicole Landry is reflecting on her self-love journey. (Photo via @thebirdspapaya on Instagram)

Sarah Nicole Landry is showing her body some love.

The Canadian influencer, also known as The Birds Papaya, shared a nighttime mirror selfie on Instagram on Wednesday, drawing attention to the stretch marks on her stomach.

Landry wore a black bralette and black leggings in the snap, as she pulled her waistband down to reveal some of her skin.

The mom-of-four paired her post with a candid caption about her self-love journey, noting that despite it being late and "algorithmically the worst time to post," there's times you just have to write.

"It's been a remarkable journey. And I think we sometimes get so stuck in what's next we don't take enough pause to see how far we've come," she penned. "I sobbed at my first stretch mark. I bought the creams, I did everything I was 'supposed' to. I hid them and had them blurred from maternity photos. I cursed the genetics that gave them to me."

Landry explained that now, she's had a change of heart.

"I feel nothing except gratitude for stretch marks. They did everything they were supposed to," she added. "I show them and showcase them in photos. I think about the amazing reality that I share marks just like the women of my family before me. This weakness I felt cursed me was actually my body showing me its power. Not weakness of the skin, but the power of the body to stretch without breaking. I'll never get over that. I'll never not be grateful for that. That's what's next."

Fans showed their appreciation for Landry's honesty in the comments, with many adding that they share the same sentiments.

"I love this. Like a lot," wrote Toronto influencer Brynta Ponn.

"So, so relatable! I think we've all panicked and bought creams and Googled lasers and wanted to get rid of them!! But now I view them as a sign of strength and change and perseverance," one person penned.

"Algorithm or not... one of the best time to post for mamas with littles who stay up a little later than they should to get a few moments to themselves. And this is exactly what we need to see," someone commented, along with a red heart emoji.

"Most, if not all, women have it, and it's OK," replied one fan.

"We are a tigress, and we wear our stripes with pride," another chimed in. "Shows the many different journeys our bodies have been in."

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