Sarah Nicole Landry encourages fans to enjoy holiday foods without 'guilt and shame'

Sarah Nicole Landry encourages fans to enjoy holiday foods without 'guilt and shame'

Sarah Nicole Landry isn't letting diet culture spoil the holidays.

On Monday, the Canadian influencer — better known as The Birds Papaya — took to Instagram to share a video of herself urging her followers to indulge in food this holiday season guilt-free.

She began by explaining that "January is notorious for 'new year, new you,' and all these resolutions that are often deeply rooted in diet culture."

Landry went on to say that New Year's resolutions can be positive, but shouldn't take away from the season "where we enjoy food with our friends, we have those special dishes that we don't have year-round — something like grandma's cheesecake that comes around once a year."

The body-positive advocate encouraged her more than 2 million followers to "enjoy" every moment of the holidays, "because, in January, you're going to be made to feel like sh— for having them."

"Grandma's cheesecake is not going to be around forever. So please, have a bite — have two slices," she added.

Landry also included a caption doubling down on her message.

"In January they will weaponize against us our best moments and holiday memories, reducing them to guilt and shame. No. Not this year," she penned. "You deserve to enjoy the holidays… and grandma's cheesecake."

The Guelph, Ont.-based influencer's followers were quick to praise her positive message.

"We love this! Cherish every moment," one commenter wrote, while another added, "I needed this!"

"Thank you for sharing this! I needed the reminder. Inspirational as always, queen!" an Instagram user commented.

"Yes, yes, yes! Be present. Enjoy and savour it all," a fan shared.

"I love this so much," someone else chimed in. "What if this was your last holiday season? How would you choose to spend it? Live that way!"

Earlier this month, Landry shared another body-positive message with her Instagram followers about accepting her body, and condemning the times she has "wished it away."

"Because with all of you comes all of me. Not against each other, but woven together. So I move you, nourish you, and show up on the hard days," the mom-of-four wrote. "I will respect the hell out of you because every time I wished you away, you stayed."

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