Sarah Nicole Landry on what she 'learned' after spending time alone: 'So powerful'

Sarah Nicole Landry is opening up about her live-saving medication. (Instagram/@thebirdspapaya)
Canadian influencer Sarah Nicole Landry opened up about the power of spending time alone. (Instagram/@thebirdspapaya)

Sarah Nicole Landry is enjoying her own company.

On Thursday, the Canadian influencer — better known as The Birds Papaya — took to Instagram to share a carousel of photos from her solo trip to Disneyland.

The mother-of-four shared snaps of herself on Thursday wearing glittery Mickey Mouse ears, as well as images of herself enjoying the theme park's attractions and decorations.

In the caption, the 35-year-old opened up about what she "learned" after spending time alone.

"I went to Disneyland by myself and here's what I learned: It's real weird to ask yourself what you want to do, without asking anyone else. It's real weird but real cool," she penned.

The social media star went on to explain that she "took more time" to explore than she would have with other people.

"I took in way more when I wasn't worried about where everyone was and going. I took more time. Walked slower, ate slower, shopped slower, stood in lines peacefully and with ease. I love people-watching!" she said. "It may make you cry awkwardly during many beautiful moments, but those are special moments to share with just oneself. I found people to talk to that I never would have otherwise."

At the end of her post, Landry gave fans advice about the "discomfort" often associated with alone time.

"Pushing back against the discomfort of being alone is so powerful, even if just for a short while," she concluded. "I missed my family so much and would rather the adventure with them, but my gosh, did this unlock some really neat things for me that I won't soon forget."

In the comments, fans praised the influencer for taking time for herself.

"I just love this. I forget that you don't have any alone time! I love that you slowed down and enjoyed so much," a follower told Landry.

"Love these words. Love this memory for you and love solo adventures!" shared someone else.

"Such a good perspective! Being alone always teaches us so much I find," commented a fan.

But Landry isn't the only Canadian star taking a much needed vacation at the "happiest place on earth."

Last month, Luisana Lopilato and Michael Bublé took their kids on a "magic" trip to Disneyland.

Lopilato posted an "adorable" Instagram video that documented their family vacation. The couple travelled with their four children, Noah, 9, Elias, 6, Vida, 4, and their youngest, Cielo, whom they welcomed just two months ago.

"Yes, we are at Disney," Lopilato captioned the clip. "What magic to be all together here. Seeing their faces of happiness and surprise every second is what excites me the most. Everything is so wonderful and perfect."

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