Sarah Nicole Landry shares 'inspiring' Love Your Body Day post: 'My body is unique'

Sarah Nicole Landry is getting candid for Love Your Body day. (Photo via @birdspapaya on Instagram)
Sarah Nicole Landry is getting candid for Love Your Body day. (Photo via @thebirdspapaya on Instagram)

Sarah Nicole Landry is embracing the uniqueness of her body.

The Canadian influencer and body positivity advocate posted an Instagram Reel on Wednesday for Love Your Body day. In the clip, Landry included several videos of herself admiring her changing body, with other shots of herself posing during photo shoots and spending time with her friends.

Landry also included an inspiring caption about what she's learned for the day of self-love, including four bullet points about how she now views herself.

"My body is unique to me. It's unique to my experiences. Unique to each individual chapter. Each ebb and flow," she wrote as her main points.

"I don't always love it by feeling. But gosh, I'll love it with actions. I'll be there, showing up. Again and again. Even when it's uncomfortable. Because I know now that love is more important by action than love by feeling," the influencer, also known as The Birds Papaya, continued. "The last few years have been wild. They've been healing. They've been uncomfortable and freeing. They've been the duality of every emotion possible. And it's been so, so full of love."

Fellow influencers and fans were quick to show their appreciation for Landry's positive message in the post's comments section.

"This body is one of my favourites in the entire world," commented Halifax-based influencer Alicia Mccarvell.

"You're always such an inspiration!," replied Los Angeles-based influencer Kristina Zias.

"I love how you are being vulnerable in sharing this and at the same time inspiring and confident. Thank you for that," one fan chimed in.

"Feels so good to see a tummy just like mine! You are beautiful!!" another added.

"I love this so much!! Thank you for sharing your journey, it's so appreciated," someone raved.

"Absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing your journey and your feelings with us all! It has impacted sooo many, including myself," someone else penned.

Last week, Landry opened up to her more than two-million followers about the pressure to look "perfect" on Instagram.

"Sometimes, I don’t know what Instagram is for," she penned. "This place where we'd share our moments. Brought together by the joys, hardships, every little bit in-between."

She explained that many postpone sharing content until they capture something "worthy" enough.

"Each day we open it, check on each other," Landry shared. "We have the same opportunities over and over — an opportunity to say something, to share something, to do nothing at all.

"Sometimes getting so caught up in wanting to say the perfect thing, that the flawed versions are just sitting in drafts."

She pointed out that "wanting to be the perfect version" of yourself just leaves "the beautifully flawed version" on a shelf — "forgetting that this (all of this), is a final copy."

"There's no point to this," she continued. "I just want to sit in this. The joy, the hard, the opportunity to share it, to check in on each other, to be here — even when it's all just a little weird sometimes."

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