Sarah Nicole Landry opens up about making 'new memories' with husband despite the past

Sarah Nicole Landry is getting real about her relationship.

On Wednesday, the Canadian influencer, better known as The Birds Papaya, took to Instagram to share a candid photo taken with her husband at Disneyland. She paired the photo with a powerful message about accepting his past and not letting her insecurities get in the way of making happy, new memories together.

"I once told him I wouldn’t travel to a place he had been to with an ex," she admitted to her more than 2 million followers. "He plainly said to me, 'Well that’s too bad because you’re holding yourself back from some cool experiences.' I just hated it."

"I only wanted new memories with him. I wanted firsts and lasts — not memories blurred with the past. Then came Disney, and the last time I came here with my family, it was as a different family. With a different husband. I look at Shane and I cannot imagine not having these moments with him. These memories of 'ours,'" she continued, adding:

"As it turns out... they’re not blurred or tangly. They’re perfectly clear. The past is part of what makes us. The present is who we are, and the choices we make determine the memories we hold onto in the future."

She explained that when couples meet later in life, they come with more experience, but that's what makes them who they are.

"When you meet someone a bit later in life you meet the collective them. The person they are because of their past. The things they bring with them from it. I don’t want to erase the old memories. But I do want to add some new ones. The reality is, that wouldn’t be possible without a person willing to meet me right here in the middle. Somewhere between the past and the future memories," she concluded.

Fans quickly applauded the blogger for her honesty about her marriage.

"I love how honest you are! I've struggled with retroactive jealousy issues in relationships my whole life, and the older I get the harder it becomes to manage because everyone comes with more history and baggage with age. This is such an important and refreshing reminder to not let our petty insecurities step in the way of creating amazing memories with someone. Thank you for sharing!" one Instagram user shared.

"Love this! The middle ground is a beautiful place to be," another added.

"This is so beautifully written. Thanks, always, for your willingness to share your story. You are an inspiration!" someone else chimed in.

"OMG, this is so freaking beautiful!" commented another.

One fan wrote, "OK, this! I feel this so, so hard! I struggled, and sometimes still struggle, and want to be able to be the first or only, but this is so important! Have to make new memories and not miss out."

This isn't the first time Landry has opened up about her marriage. Just last month, the mom-of-four credited her first marriage for the success of her second.

"Half of all marriages succeed," Landry penned over a video of herself and her husband holding hands, walking along the beach.

"Even if it were just a 1 per cent chance, I’d still give it a shot," she captioned the post. "It’s hard to trust yourself, your choices, your path when you seemingly have 'gotten it wrong.'"

Landry explained that it's hard not to "feel like a failure" if a marriage doesn't work out as planned, but that in the larger scheme of things, it's always for the best.

"Half of all marriages fail. When yours does, it’s hard not to feel like a failure," she went on. "But the reality is, I am who I am today because of divorce. We both are. We are now in a new marriage that is thriving, successful, loving and lovely. Divorce is part of our stories. Not our failures. But our success."

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