'Stay hungry': Sasha Exeter tells fans to 'remain focused' in 'amazing' workout video

The Canadian influencer is going "beast" mode in her latest workout post.

Sasha Exeter is all about being a
Sasha Exeter is all about being a "beast" when it comes to working out. (Photo via @sashaexeter on Instagram)

Sasha Exeter is back with some workout inspiration.

The Canadian influencer took to Instagram on Monday to share a motivational workout video, which included clips of herself doing various strength exercises in a gym over numerous sessions.

The Instagram Reel was set to an inspirational quote, where a man said, "Everybody wants to be a beast, 'til it's time to do what beasts do," the audio said.

Exeter continued to spread the motivation in the caption to her post by writing, "Stay hungry. Remain focused. You'll get there."

Fans showed their appreciation for Exeter in the comments of her post, with many people noting how the influencer helped them with their own goals.

"Amazing! Literally you are amazing, Sasha. Motivating me to crush my goals everyday!" a fan wrote.

"I'll never forget how you transformed your mind and, subsequently your body, postpartum. Seeing you crush your goals, overcome obstacles, while going through unimaginable pain is inspiring. You've always been that girl and while doing you. You inspire us all to just move our bodies with no shame," someone commented, to which Exeter replied saying, "Not me crying into my lunch on a Monday afternoon. Love you so much."

"Queen of the gym," someone else penned.

"The way we do anything is the way we do everything," someone shared, to which Exeter replied, "100 per cent. That's actually one of my favourite quotes ever and basically how I live my whole life, fam."

"You are my motivation every day... So I can also get my guns complimented by the strangers," one person added.

It's not the first time Exeter has used her platform to share some fitness motivation.

In January, the influencer showed off her "amazing" strength in another video for her more than 157,000 followers.

In that clip, Exeter shared a series of videos of her back workout led by trainer Valerie Ratelle, all while showing off her toned body in a gym.

While working out, the influencer rocked grey leggings and a matching sports bra, along with a white hat and an exercise watch.

"Your reminder to never skip back day!" she began in her caption. "Training back is hard. Most of us have a tendency to focus on training the muscles we can see, like abs, shoulders and legs, often neglecting our posterior muscles. I get it, because how often do we actually see our own backs?"

Exeter penned that her workout "was all about form" and reminded her fans that technique is important.

"Focusing on disengaging the shoulders, pressing through the feet, keeping the chest up and the range of motion to keep a lot of the focus on my lats," she added. "It's wild how small technique changes can make a huge difference."

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