Scarlett Johansson would work with Woody Allen: "I believe him"

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

From Harper's BAZAAR

Scarlett Johansson has expressed her support for Woody Allen.

While Johansson's contemporaries including Greta Gerwig and Natalie Portman have publicly distanced themselves from the director after the MeToo movement caused his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow's accusations of sexual abuse against him to be reevaluated, Johansson says she would "work with him anytime" because she believes him.

Allen has consistently denied the claim and was also never found guilty of child sex abuse.

"I love Woody," the actress told The Hollywood Reporter. "I believe him, and I would work with him anytime.

"I see Woody whenever I can, and I have had a lot of conversations with him about it. I have been very direct with him, and he's very direct with me. He maintains his innocence, and I believe him."

Photo credit: Elisabetta A. Villa - Getty Images
Photo credit: Elisabetta A. Villa - Getty Images

Johansson previously worked with Allen in Match Point, Scoop, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Amazon returned the rights to his latest film A Rainy Day in New York, with cast member Timothee Chalamet donating his salary to the Time's Up campaign, among other charities.

When asked whether she thought her stance could be considered difficult or controversial during this shift in our culture where women's allegations bear power and are being believed, the star ruminated: "It's hard because it's a time where people are very fired up, and understandably.

"Things needed to be stirred up, and so people have a lot of passion and a lot of strong feelings and are angry, and rightfully so. It's an intense time."

Johansson has been a vocal advocate for equality and women's rights. During the 2018 Women's March on Washington, she gave a fervent speech about the importance of Planned Parenthood, and called out James Franco, who had worn a Time's Up pin to the Golden Globes before being accused of sexual misconduct by five women. Franco denies the allegations. She also got involved with the Time's Up initiative and donated to the Time's Up legal defence fund.

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