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Say goodbye to dryer lint with this megapopular vent-cleaning gadget — it's just $10 at Amazon

Even if you habitually clear out the lint trap, your dryer's vent could be harboring bits of fuzz that, over time, can affect the appliance's function or even become a fire hazard. If your clothes have been coming out a bit too damp lately, it could be that your dryer needs a deep cleaning. No need to call in the pros — the megapopular Sealegend Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit can unclog your vent — and it's just $10 at Amazon.

This two-piece kit + your vacuum cleaner = gobs of nasty lint removed and untold dollars saved.

$10 at Amazon

Your vent may be the culprit behind substandard dryer performance — that's where tons of fibrous blobs have been accumulating inside your machine for years. Once you get all that gunk out, your clothes will dry faster and you’ll save energy and money.

This kit comes with a hose, an adapter and a guide wire. The hose is 32 inches long and extra-narrow, so you can get deep inside your dryer. The adapter allows you to attach the hose to your vacuum (FYI: It does not work with robot vacuums). The guide wire attaches to the end of the hose to help you push it into the nooks and crannies of your dryer.

Once you have the hose attached to your vacuum, remove the lint screen from your dryer. Then, using the guide wire, stick the end of the hose into the slot and turn on your vacuum. Finally, let the vacuum run while moving the hose around inside the dryer — then watch the magic happen as your dryer becomes un-choked.

Unclog your dryer like a pro — and avoid having to pay for one.
Unclog your dryer like a pro — and avoid having to pay for one. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

This gadget gets a lot of love from Amazon customers — it has received over 15,000 five-star ratings!

"I didn’t realize how much lint was in my dryer, and I clean the lint trap after every load. Still, I was amazed at how much lint got past it. The drying time for each load has been cut down by 10 to 15 minutes; all the lint must have been affecting the efficiency of my dryer. The dryer cleaning kit will pay for itself with savings on electric bills," said one rave reviewer.

"I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I read the reviews on this product. I tried it today for the first time. I was absolutely amazed at how well the kit worked. The brush is well made and sturdy, as is the vacuum attachment," reported this convert. "Very pleased with the results. Highly recommend!"

"I have OCD (over-cleaning disorder), and I thought using a wand was enough to clean my dryer. I was so wrong. Not only did the suction power fill up my vacuum container two times, but my lint is even a lighter color after a dry cycle! Highly recommend," wrote a satisfied customer. "I feel safer now that I know my dryer is truly clean!

One shopper remarked: "A little awkward with the upright vacuum — hard to get a seal with the curved tube — but my shop vacuum worked best. Tubing is a little stiff, making it a little aggravating, but it works."

Think of it as a Heimlich maneuver for your dryer ... and we all know how crucially important that can be.

$10 at Amazon

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