Serve Your Next Snow Cone In A Pineapple And Thank Us Later

person cutting pineapple
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For many of us, snow cones spark some serious childhood nostalgia. They bring back sweet memories of summers, visiting carnivals, the beach, or making this icy treat right at home. But truthfully, snow cones aren't just reserved for special events or kids. Anyone can enjoy a snow cone any time they want, and we have just the tip to make it even more memorable.

Traditionally, snow cones are made of crushed ice drenched in sweet-flavored syrup and served in cone-shaped paper cups. And when we say "drenched," we aren't kidding. There's often so much colorful syrup that it collects at the bottom of the cup or, worse, leaks out. Luckily, we have a wonderful hack to solve this issue: Serve your snow cone in a pineapple instead.

Serving a snow cone in a pineapple will definitely win you some presentation points. It doesn't get much more beautiful than a tall mountain of colorful ice in a spiky, flower-esque shell. Plus, this combination creates two treats in one. First, you can enjoy the sweet, granulated ice. When that's done, you'll have a syrup-soaked pineapple underneath. To top it off, cutting into a pineapple lowers paper waste; the clever cone is a win on all fronts. If you're suddenly craving a pineapple snow cone, let's cover how to make one.

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How To Make A Pineapple Snow Cone

hollowed out pineapples
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Serving snow cones in pineapples is not only functional, it's super easy. First things first, create a pineapple bowl for the vessel. Simply halve a pineapple and hollow out the center. Make sure to leave an inch or so of flesh as a border (and bonus dessert). Drain the juice or leave a bit for flavor, and either save the removed fruit for a later date or chop it up to use as an extra topping.

When it comes to slicing your fruit, you have two options. Vertically will create a wider bowl while horizontally will create a deeper bowl. It really depends on your preference. If you cut your pineapple vertically, leave the crown attached for a prettier presentation. Alternatively, if you cut your pineapple horizontally, you can repurpose the top as a lid. When it comes time to serve this treat, surprise your guests by popping open a pineapple and presenting the unexpected snow cone inside.

As a pro tip, pop those pineapple halves in the fridge an hour or so before serving. They'll stay cold longer and keep the ice from melting as quickly. However, avoid putting them in the freezer. You'll want the pineapple flesh to be soft enough to bite into once you've finished your snow cone.

Best Types Of Snow Cones To Serve In A Pineapple

pineapple bowls by pool
pineapple bowls by pool - Mesquitafms/Getty Images

After you've prepped your pineapple, fill it with your preferred snow cone recipe. There are several easy snow cone recipes out there. However, some are better suited to pineapples than others.

Follow our tips to make fluffy shaved ice in a blender and pour your cold creation immediately into the pineapple bowl. Then, top it with your favorite store-bought syrup or make your own at home. You can keep it simple or go crazy with toppings like candy, shaved coconut, or extra fruit chunks; this pineapple is your oyster. If you're a citrus fan, you'll love this crushed orange shaved ice recipe, which complements the pineapple perfectly.

But for as tasty as these recipes sound, nobody said pineapples had to be PG. Adults can enjoy a boozy snow cone served in a pineapple too. Rum and pineapples are a match made in tropical heaven, so pour that rum punch, rum swizzle, or Mai Tai mixture straight over the shaved ice. And if you hate food waste, grab that pineapple flesh you scooped out earlier and make a piña colada snow cone.

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