Shania Twain and Jax team up in body positive video: 'You were always beautiful'

Jax (left) and Shania Twain teamed up to share a body positive message. (Photos via Getty Images)
Jax (left) and Shania Twain teamed up to share a body positive message. (Photos via Getty Images)

Shania Twain and Jax teamed up for a new body-positive video — and fans are loving it.

On Monday, the 26-year-old shared a video of her lip-syncing to her hit song "Victoria's Secret" alongside Twain.

The body positive tune calls out the lingerie company for promoting unattainable beauty standards, and reminds women they their bodies are beautiful just the way they are.

In the clip, the musical duo stared at the camera and mouthed the lyrics," if I could go back and tell myself when I was younger, I'd say," for Jax's 892,000 followers.

On the screen, which is the same as the caption, Jax opened up about beauty and how the industry "manipulates" women.

"Beauty is a patriarchal construct designed to manipulate women into thinking they need to attain the unattainable," the songstress penned. "Conference rooms of powerful perverts who look a lot like your grandpa will ironically decide the definition of 'sexy' and 'attractive.'"

She also typed the following explanation about how billion-dollar brands profit on young girls' body image issues, typing a personal story from her childhood.

"12-year-old you will take this standard very seriously. You will watch the Victoria’s Secret angel show at a sleepover and cry quietly when your friends fall asleep," Jax wrote. "As you get older, this marketing scheme will result in your battles with mental illness, health problems, self-hatred, eating disorders and body dysmorphia."

At the end of the paragraph, the self-love advocate shared that "this is no accident."

"This is how they make money. They will use your pain to keep business alive. You will go to war with yourself. War makes people richer. You were always beautiful. You were never ugly. They are," she said. "Love, Me and Shania Twain."

In the comments, fans thanked Jax for the "important reminder."

"This is the message all our kids need, something they need to hear over and over. I wish we had heard it as kids too. Thank you!" commented a follower.

"Such an important reminder from two powerful ladies who are inspiring women everywhere!" shared someone else. "The beauty industry is so harmful and needs to be re-worked."

"Please don’t stop delivering this message. I’m 47 and I still need to hear it," added another.

Jax isn't the only public figure opening up about body image.

Recently, Canadian influencer Sarah Nicole Landry opened up about "accepting" the skin she's in.

In the Instagram video, Landry filmed herself at the beach while showing off her natural body — complete with stretch marks and sagging skin.

In the caption, the social media star revealed that although it can be "uncomfortable," self-love comes from feeling grateful and at peace with your body.

"This is uncomfortable to watch," she wrote to her two million followers. "And liberating, and joyful, and factual, and the duality of both digesting and accepting how skin is, and how grateful I am to be in it."

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