Should there be a curfew and age limit on trick-or-treating?

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A northern New Brunswick town is ruffling feathers with an 11-year-old little-known Halloween bylaw that prohibits anyone from trick-or-treating (or wearing a face covering) after 7 p.m. The bylaw also prohibits anyone over the age of 14 to take part in the activity at all.

Now, parents in Bathurst, N.B. are asking officials to extend the curfew, and open things up to older kids, too — many suggesting up until around the age of 16.

According to the Canadian Press, Deputy mayor Lee Stever “said the bylaw was enacted years ago following complaints from seniors who said older kids were coming to their doors late into the night.”

However, he adds that he doesn’t believe anyone has ever been dinged with the $200 associated fine, and that most in the community are done trick-or-treating by 7 p.m. He also told the Canadian Press that the town council is divided, and some councillors are actually requesting the age limit be dropped down to 10.

Bathurst isn’t the only town to put a curfew on Halloween festivities — Stever cited a town in Virginia which limited trick-or-treating to kids 12 and younger before 8 p.m.

So, we want to know: what do you think? Do you think that having a rule around who can trick-or-treat, and for how long, would be beneficial? If so, what should the limit be?

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