What is the Slickback dance on TikTok, and where did it come from?

Dance trends have made a comeback on TikTok, whether it be the Water dance challenge from Tyla or the Rollie Rollie trend. One of the newest dance challenges, however, is having its second moment in the sun.

Right now, many TikTokers are learning how to do the Jubi Slide, also known as the Slickback dance. The dance was popularized in 2022 by TikToker Jubi2fye (@jubi2fye). Originally, his dance was set to “Jersey Anniversary” by Kia (@kia_bhn), which is a remix of Tony! Toni! Toné!’s “Anniversary.”

Many TikTokers gravitated toward the dance and Jubi2fye’s gliding movements. In the dance, participants slide to the side by putting one food down and moving the other leg underneath it, which creates an illusion that the person is stepping on air.

“Are you gliding bruh,” replied @deezyonten.

“This man is skating on air,” commented @zaypeck.

The sound, which is credited to Malcolm B (@malcolmbceo), has over 197,000 videos attributed to it, with thousands of people attempting to do the dance.

Recently, the trend has resurfaced for a second wave of popularity. However, there are a few changes to the dance now — including the name.

What is the Slickback dance on TikTok?

Many people arenow calling the move the Slickback, mainly because of the latest song that TikTokers are dancing to, which combines “Gypsy Woman” by Crystal Waters and a sound bite from the character voiced by Katt Williams in “A Pimp Named Slickback,” who was featured in Adult Swim’s “The Boondocks.”

On TikTok, one of the most popular versions of this song belongs to Joseph (@beaneetv), but the original was created by Lakim (@lakimisalive).

The dance has spread far and wide during its second time around, reaching the sports world via touchdown celebrations.

How to do the Slickback dance

When done correctly, the dance is meant to give the illusion of floating while moving to one side. Trey Wavy (@tr3ywavy), an Atlanta content creator, recently posted a four-step tutorial on how to do the Slickback dance successfully.

He explains that while the Slickback and Jubi Slide are similar dances, there are a few variations in how people do it.

“The third step is different from the regular Jubi Slide,” he says. “This is the difference. Instead of your toe being down, make your toe go up, and don’t touch the ground.”

Even with the tutorial, several people were still confused as to how Wavy made the dance look easy.

“First step: be a wizard,” replied @h20bro59.

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