Canadian meteorologist Kelsey McEwen hits back at body shamer: 'I own my body'

"Your feelings about my body and outfit are a you problem, not a me problem."

Kelsey McEwen is once again putting body shamers in their place.

On Tuesday, the Canadian meteorologist for CTV's "Your Morning" shared a message on Twitter, hitting back at a negative comment about her on-air look that morning.

"Welcome back @KelseyMcEwen #WeatherGirl from @YourMorning," the comment reads. "How come none of your cohorts haven't told you #PantyLines #CamelToe #BubbleButt #RedIsNotYourFriend."

McEwen replied to the tweet, letting the commenter know that she feels "zero shame" about her appearance.

"Listen, I own my body, camel toe and bubble butt included," she penned. Your words bring me zero shame. Your feelings about my body and outfit are a you problem, not a me problem. And red? Red is [fire]. The only thing that isn’t my friend here, is you."

In the comments, fans rallied behind McEwen and praised her for defending herself.

"Well when I was at the gym this morning I saw you on TV and I thought you looked amazing. You go girl and wear what you want!" one Twitter user wrote.

"Bravo Kelsey! Well said!" commented another.

"You go, girl!" someone else added.

One person shared: "The fact that female reporters and journalists still have to endure this crap makes me sick. Keep up the amazing work that you do Kelsey."

This isn't the first time McEwen has hit back at a body shamer. When she was pregnant in 2017, she hit back at a viewer who criticized her "disgusting" and "skin tight" clothes.

“When what a 34 week pregnant woman is wearing is what someone finds ‘disgusting’ in this world… time to check your priorities," she wrote at the time.

The meteorologist is also open about the impacts of social media and filters.

This past August, shetook to her Instagram Story to show off what she looks like with and without a filter.

"Don't compare your 'real' to their 'reel,'" she penned over a video of herself posing in a hot pink top, first with a beauty filter, then without. "Filtered or not, you are worthy as you are."

"Lines, pores, freckles, nose shape, eye colour, it's all worth showing and nothing to be ashamed of," she continued, adding, "If you like filters, use them. But never forget you are worthy of love without them, too."

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