TikToker goes viral after sharing sunglasses-as-headbands dilemma

'It's a vibe and it's a win in my book,' said Shay Becker after viewers poured in with recommendations.

TikTok user @shay_beck went viral with a relatable headband dilemma.
TikTok user @shay_beck went viral with a relatable headband dilemma.

A TikToker has gone viral after sharing a peculiar dilemma of achieving the sunglasses-headband "vibe."

Shay Becker posted a TikTok last week asking users what to do when you want to put your hair up and get the same look as brushing it up with sunglasses — without actually using the sunglasses.

"So I can't explain it but I just want a headband that achieves this," Becker said in the TikTok, moving her hair up with her wayfarer-style sunglasses.

"No headbands do that and... this is my vibe," the TikToker said.

That "vibe" is moving the hair out of your face while still keeping the part in your hair where it is normally, while the rest of your hair flares out on the sides.

Regular headbands generally contain tiny comb-like prongs to brush and hold the hair, often flattened in the direction of the band.

While some can pull off that look, others like Becker go for the more relaxed look of the sunglasses.

Yellow headband on blue background
Regular headbands are rounded and often contain comb-like prongs. (Getty)

Becker certainly wasn't alone in this struggle — her TikTok got more than 5.5 million views and more than half-a-million likes.

"Amen! Sunglasses on my head is a personality trait at this point," said one viewer.

Another said they "buy sunglasses specifically for wearing them as a headband."

TikTok user Emily chimed in,"Yes! Every single day, rain or shine, I’ve got sunnies on my head."

"When people ask me why I’m always wearing my sunglasses. This is why," another added.

However, some have found the solution — Zazzy Bandz.

Hundreds of comments recommended the new company with a "redesigned headband that fits like sunglasses," according to the company's website.

Zazzy Bandz touts its product as a 'redesigned headband that fits like sunglasses.'
Zazzy Bandz touts its product as a 'redesigned headband that fits like sunglasses.' (zazzybandz.com)

According to the website, the Zazzy Bandz were designed by Dr. Janet Laster Purkey.

"I refused to use traditional headbands because of the headaches they caused, so I was constantly using reading glasses as my band, but I needed those glasses to read," the founder wrote on the site.

"The idea of Zazzy Bandz crystallized as I understood specific glasses gave me a 'look' I liked while others did not. I created a uniquely shaped band and began wearing it every day out of necessity.

"My prototype provided a very comfortable hold while providing lift and style, plus no headache-causing pressure points!"

TikToker Becker took the recommendations and made an order.

"I did order one and I will let you know how they work," she said in the Tuesday post that reached more than 875,000 viewers.

"If the algorithm fails me on this I will riot," one user commented on the video.

Following through on her promise, Becker posted a review of the Zazzy Bandz on Wednesday night.

"It's a vibe and it's a win in my book," she happily reported.

"Not the exact same as sunglasses, duh... However it's pretty close," to the vibe I'm trying to achieve."

She did warn her viewers that she has "thick fluffy hair," so the band might look differently on those with less to work with.

But, Becker said she's happy for her viewer's recommendations.

"Literally bless TikTok for even recommending this because I thought I was going to have to go try and invent something," she added, "but it already exists!"

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