Swiss blogger shares body positive images after overcoming eating disorder



Morena Diaz knows a thing or two about the struggle to stay positive when it comes to body confidence. The Swiss blogger has dealt with weight issues, eating disorders and even self-harm – all of which she shares openly on her Instagram account.

“If you have to fear food.. if you have to worry about your weight.. if you have to worry about how many exercises you have to do each damn day.. if you can’t stop planning every meal in the last detail.. if you can’t sleep because you’re overthinking about your body image.. Then you should know that there’s something wrong. But not with your body. There’s something wrong with your inner attitude.”

She regularly posts images of her now curvier self in bikinis and juxtaposed against shots of skinnier times when she was less healthy and less happy.

“I’m so happy that I wore my bikinis every single time without worrying about those belly rolls I used to hate the past few summers. Your life is short and precious and so much more beautiful if you don’t worry about your appearance.”

“Since I can remember I’ve had some really bad issues with my belly. I wished it would be flat, not existing, not attracting attention to others. After a long period of dieting and excercising my belly got flatter but it still was here. I wasn’t satisfied at all so I ate less and less every day. Then.. After months of bingeing (due to the months of starving) my belly got bigger.. well like it was before dieting. I hated it more than before. I pulled, punched and squeezed it everyday. I cried. Today I still squeeze it but with much love. I’m proud of my belly because he protects all of my organs. He’s part of me, my body and my life. He’s part of my story which started really bad but turned out good.”

Diaz hopes that by sharing these images and the attached messages, others will be inspired to love their own bodies – no matter how they look.