Tanya Kim embraces her Korean roots in new inspirational video: 'Be yourself'

Tanya Kim embraces her natural beauty after trying on beauty filter on Instagram. (Photo via @tanyakim on Instagram)
Tanya Kim embraces her natural beauty after trying on beauty filter on Instagram. (Photo via @tanyakim on Instagram)

Tanya Kim is embracing her natural beauty.

On Wednesday, the Canadian TV personality took to Instagram to share an empowering video paired with a message about "having fun" with filters while still loving herself without one.

In the Instagram Reel, Kim first gives fans a look at her natural, filterless appearance, before applying a dramatic, full-glam filter for comparison.

"Who cares if it isn’t #trending. Do whatever gets you through the mid-week slumps, like having fun with filters that are so weird yet intriguing!" she captioned the post for her more than 28,000 followers, adding that while the filter was an interesting look, she would prefer her current appearance.

"Verdict: I think I’d rather stay a 'Kim,'" she penned, alongside a Korean flag emoji as well the hashtag "#BeYourself."

Kim's video was met with applause from fans who thanked her for the inspiring reminder.

"Thank you for sharing this! Filters are fun, but nothing beats your real face — it's stunning. Those Korean genes have served you well, queen!" one fan commented on the video, while another wrote, "Definitely you, no filter, is the way to go!"

"Kim is way better!" someone else chimed in.

One fan shared: "Glad you had fun with this. I think that's a great verdict, indeed. You're much more beautiful as yourself — a Kim!"

"I much prefer the real you," added another.

Another person commented, "Needed this today. Natural beauty over everything!"

Last month, the Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.-native shared another inspirational Instagram post with her fans about not worrying about "what others may think"— a video of herself posing in multicoloured Adidas leggings with a matching sweatshirt.

"Time is precious and never guaranteed. So instead of wasting a second more worrying about what others may think of you (because really, most of the time it’s never about you), stay focused on you," she wrote, adding:

"Keep living, laughing and loving, (and dancing!) ... and just be authentically you. Because you, my friend, are awesome sauce! Keep shining!"

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