Canadian TV host Tanya Kim tells fans to 'stop worrying about what others may think'

Photo via Instagram @tanyakim Tanya Kim
Canadian TV host Tanya Kim is back with another empowering message. (Photo via Instagram/tanyakim)

Tanya Kim is giving fans an important self love reminder.

On Monday, the Canadian TV personality took to Instagram to share an empowering message about not worrying about "what others may think." The Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.-native paired the caption with a video of herself posing in multicoloured Adidas leggings with a matching sweatshirt.

"A gentle reminder: time is precious and never guaranteed. So instead of wasting a second more worrying about what others may think of you (because really, most of the time it’s never about you), stay focussed on you," she captioned the post for her 28,000 followers.

"Keep living, laughing, and loving, (and dancing!)...And just be authentically you. Because you, my friend, are awesome sauce! Keep shining!" she added.

Kim's video was met with applause from fans who thanked her for the reminder to live their lives to the fullest.

"This is such a valuable reminder. It's so easy to get caught up in our trivial little problems and insecurities and forget to enjoy the one life we have. Thank you for sharing! Inspiring as always," one Instagram user commented.

Another added: "Love this message. Love the outfit."

"That outfit is cute!" someone else quipped. "Thanks for the reminder."

"Yes! Live your journey," a follower wrote.

One person penned: "Really love your every word! You are great."

"Love love love this," another fan commented.

Earlier this month, Kim shared another inspiring message about making time to "rest, recharge and reflect." The TV host paired the note with a video of herself in a pale green sports bra and black leggings while taking her dog for a swim.

"The person you are trying to call is currently busy," she wrote. "Have you taken a moment to rest, recharge and reflect? If your answer is 'no,' stop what you’re doing right now and join me right here. Take a deep, slow, four-count inhale through the nose. Hold at the top for four counts. Release a gentle, slow four-count exhale (sighing out the mouth) and hold at the bottom for four-counts. Hope that helped to kickstart your batteries!"

"Recharge your batteries to update your spirit. Refresh your perspectives to upgrade your soul," she added.

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