Taylor Swift reacts to fan’s drinking game during Eras Tour

Taylor Swift reacts to fan’s drinking game during Eras Tour (Instagram/@elliottnorris)
Taylor Swift reacts to fan’s drinking game during Eras Tour (Instagram/@elliottnorris)

Taylor Swift has applauded one of her fans for his drinking game antics during a recent Eras Tour concert.

Elliott Norris recently took to Instagram to share a video of himself at the Grammy winner’s concert, with text across the screen that read: “Eras tour but I get tipsier every era.”

The clip began with Norris screaming to Swift’s first two “eras” during the concert, in which she played songs from her albums Lover and Red. During the singer’s third era, where she sang tracks from her 2017 album Reputation, Norris was seen with one beer in his hand and dancing to the music.

At one point, one of his friends shouted off-camera, “Elliot, come on, become gay,” which resulted in him getting down low to dance. As Swift performed songs from her Folklore and Evermore albums, he held a flight of beers and mentioned his “lazy eye was coming out” by the time the singer was in her 1989 era.

During the musician’s last era – in which she sang songs from her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department – Norris danced with tears in his eyes as Swift sang the tracks “So High School” and “Down Bad”.

“She looks amazing,” Norris could be heard saying at the end of the video. He captioned the amusing post: “Eras tour was lit.”

Although many fans commented on the post, it was the singer herself who left perhaps the most important comment. “This was a whole entire journey,” Swift wrote.

Norris replied to the comment, writing: “Big moment for me.”

Another commenter joked, mentioning that there was no footage of Norris dancing to Swift’s 2022 album, Midnights: “I’m just wondering if he made it to Midnights but based on this Reel he simply didn’t.”

“The way this is probably how Taylor would do this,” someone else quipped, considering fans have previously praised the return of “Drunk Taylor” at the 2024 Grammys after-party.

However, not everyone was in support of Norris’ Eras Tour drinking game. Some people acknowledged that those who drink heavily at concerts are some of their least favorite people to be around during a show.

“Saw a Reel of two ladies who got escorted out of the pit for being drunk. Please don’t do these,” one commenter wrote, while another commenter agreed: “Drunk people are so annoying at concerts…”

Despite the criticism, Norris went on to share some more reactions to his social media interaction with Swift. The Los Angeles-based content creator reposted Swift’s comment to his Instagram Story, and jokingly asked the “You Need To Calm Down” singer if she’d like to grab drinks with him.

“[I] will be staying humble even with all this new fame,” he added in a separate post.

Swift recently finished a string of performances in Dublin, Ireland, where her boyfriend Travis Kelce made an appearance at her third show at Aviva Stadium on Sunday, June 30.

The singer’s next show will take place on Thursday, July 4 in Amsterdam at Johan Cruyff Arena.