‘I Rented a Snake’: Teen’s Serpentine Graduation Pic Is Ode to Kris Jenner

This teen’s graduation photos are anything but basic. (Photo: Alondra Acosta)

Alondra Acosta says she is anything but basic, and she wanted her high school graduation photos to reflect that.

“Everyone in my town always does the same simple pictures at this garden,” she tells Yahoo Style. “I went to that same garden, but I rented a snake to be the star of my pics.”

The Texas teen shared the photos on her Twitter account, and they became an instant hit.

The 18-year-old says she has always been fascinated by animals and has a deep love for horses and snakes.

The snake for hire. (Photo: Alondra Acosta)

“A friend knew a guy who owned [a snake], so why not go for it?” she recalls. “I asked my mom and she said yes.”

Acosta’s inspiration for the shoot was Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner, who posed with a snake for a photo shot by the legendary (and controversial) photographer Terry Richardson.

“Kris is such a strong woman. I wanted to give her an homage with my look,” Acosta says.

The graduation photo shoot was serious business; Acosta said it lasted roughly two hours, and that her snake co-star — who, by the way, was 5 feet long and 35 pounds — did make her a little nervous at one point.

“The snake began wrapping around my neck and it began getting tighter, but then it just stopped,” she says.

Snake closeup. (Photo: Alondra Acosta)
Channeling Kris Jenner. (Photo: Alondra Acosta)
Acosta and the snake. (Photo: Alondra Acosta)

“It got to a point when it was tiring because of how heavy it is,” she says. “But I pushed through and I’m glad I did, because the photos came out amazing.”

Acosta also took some grad snaps with horses, because why not?

It is pretty safe to say, her graduation pics are anything but basic.

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