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How many haircuts have their own name?

There’s the pixie, the bob, the mullet, the Rachel. But if you’ll recall the pilot, Rachel Green’s hair wasn’t always so impeccably layered.

The Impact of Rachel Green's Ever-Changing Hair

Joanna Douglas
Senior Editor

Jennifer Aniston may have the most famous head of hair in Hollywood, but if you think about it the iconic haircut actually belonged to Rachel Green, her character on “Friends.” When the TV show about six pals living in Manhattan debuted on NBC in 1994, no one could have suspected it would become one of the most popular sitcoms of all time—or that Rachel Green’s evolving haircuts would become the most requested styles in salons. Now with all 10 seasons of “Friends” coming to Netflix on January 1, we can once again relive the show and the enviable hairstyles in chronological order. (Not that we don’t love syndication, but when Rachel has a bob one episode and long layers in the next it’s just distracting.) Here’s a timeline of the character’s best looks over the years.