The magic carpet: Digital rug changes its pattern when walked on

Nadine Bells
Shine from Yahoo! CanadaJanuary 20, 2012

A digital rug that changes its design? Yes, please.

Confession: I’m indecisive. I struggle with home-decor commitment, especially when it comes to the big-ticket items. What if I change my mind?

This video showcases a digital rug. While the changes-pattern-as-you-walk-across-it feature is pretty cool, the possibility of being able to switch up the look of the floor is what has my attention.

One Buzzfeed writer points out a possible concern for the eyes:

“One person makes it look cool, but several people at once might be a different story.”

While the rug above is a just a prototype, it certainly does open up a world of home-decorating possibilities.

Would you go digital?

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