The Most Insane Tattoo Video Ever (You Seriously Have to See This)

Despite my one-of-a-kind, march-to-my-own-drum kind of ways, I got a celebrity-inspired tattoo on my 18th birthday. Go ahead, call me a clich√©. But I fell in love with this pretty tattoo Victoria Beckham has on the nape of her neck and decided to get my own version of it. 

Of course, I then had to hide it from my parents. And the minute I mindlessly tossed my hair into a ponytail, my mom was shrieking and my dad was yelling. If only I had seen this video ...

Rick Genest, the (scarily) inked up dude from the Lady Gaga music video who's got a full body of tattoos, gets them completely covered using this amazing product from Dermablend. You'd never know he had any tats at all. And even though I'm well past the point of trying to hide my 18th birthday present from me to me, I can think of a few times this product would come in handy:

1. If you get a seriously regrettable tattoo like one of these and need to cover it up while you save for laser tattoo removal.

2. You need a new way to mask that nasty scar on your forehead from the time you had 10 too many cocktails and let your boyfriend bike you home on his handlebars.

3. When your dark circles are scaring small children and these traditional remedies aren't doing squat.

Unfortunately, this stuff doesn't work on zits (it's a little too greasy and will only make you break out more), but these concealers do the trick if that's what you're looking for.

So what do you think? Does this video make you want to give the product a try? Or even go ahead and get that impulse tattoo?

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