'This pillow makes a 100% positive difference in my sleep quality': $59 cooling pillow has 1,300 reviews

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Pillows are arguably the most personal thing when it comes to sleep. Just take a second to think about it: Do you sleep with one pillow or two (or none at all?) Do you prefer your pillows fluffy, firm or flat? Where are they placed? But at the same time, pillows are often considered as an afterthought. But regardless of your preference and what type of sleeper you are, your pillow holds a very thin, important line between a good night’s sleep and neck pain.

Switching to a more supportive pillow could make a drastic difference in your comfort, making it easier to follow asleep soundly without the experiencing morning aches and pains. Just as like you would choose a mattress, the ideal pillow should be the perfect combination of soft and firmness for ultimate support. We know from experience that switching and adjusting to a new pillow can be a tricky task, but we did our research and found one that shoppers are saying is close to perfect.

Backed by nearly 1,300 raving reviews is the Save&Soft Memory Foam Pillow. Specially designed to keep your neck level aligned with your spine for full eight-hour adequate support, this memory foam pillow mains its shape while molding the curvature of your head to prevent any possible neck twisting or bending while you sleep. Plus, it features unique cooling gel pads to soothe any existing neck and backaches and pains — a great bonus for warm and sweaty sleepers.

“I've slept on the same memory foam pillow for years and I've loved them. However, I want to try one with cooling gel. Bought this pillow 2019-04-30 and have never slept better. The pillow is firm and thick but it cradles my head perfectly. The second my head hits the pillow, it's lights out. This pillow was so comfortable that I had to buy two because the girlfriend is always trying to steal it,” says one five-star review.

Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel


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“This pillow makes a 100 per cent positive difference in my sleep quality. Does what it promises! Cooling and very comfortable,” says another.

While another says, “Wow! Love this pillow. I was waking up to horrible headaches and neck pain every day. This pillow has changed that. I sleep amazing.”

Keeping your sleep posture chiropractic-ally correct and head elevated, this pillow is a must-have to not only relieve neck strains but also for those who are heavy snorers. As a result of the structures in the mouth and throat vibrating against the tonsils and adenoids, snoring a sleeping problem commonly factored by lack of support from sleeping on your back.

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Made with a breathable, hypoallergenic memory foam the Save&Soft Pillow contains no latex, so you don’t need to worry about sleeping with a stuffy nose, rashes or watery eyes. Compared to the prices of other top-rated pillows, this one is valued at only $59 — but if you ask us, you can’t put a price a good night’s sleep.

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