This Is The Biggest Engagement Ring You’ll Ever Clap Eyes On

[Photo: Instagram/Gem Hunt]

Whether marriage is on the cards soon or not, lots of us have opinions on what the ideal engagement ring looks like. Some of us would go minimalist, others would go for diamonds encased by diamonds. Some for a small rock, others for one as big as possible.

And now, there’s an 80-carat option too. Yep - 80 carats.

Posted by fine jewellery blog Gem Hunt, the gigantic diamond ring made its debut on Instagram a few days ago, and is as surreal-looking as it sounds.

[Photo: Instagram/Gem Hunt]

It’s as big as the model’s hand, and looks as if it’d weigh down your entire body if you slipped it on.

Even if you were to go dutch and split the cost of your engagement ring with your man, we can only expect this would set you both back a million or so.

Important question: Do we actually like it? If bigger always equals better for you, this will probably float your boat. But as far as we’re concerned, this is a case of less is more.

[Photo: Instagram/Gem Hunt]

Take this other ring presented by the same model, for example. Though it is - admittedly - still MASSIVE, it’s a little more classy.

Either way, we’re digging the red-nails-and-ripped-denim look.

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