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This portable neck fan is a 'godsend' for March Break travel — and it's on sale for $40

Here's why it's a "must-have" if you're heading south for spring break.

someone using the portable neck fan and someone holding it
This portable neck fan offers hands-free cooling — save 20% on Amazon. (Photos via Amazon)

With March Break around the corner, it's time for those much-anticipated warm-weather vacations. Whether you're heading to Disney World or a tropical beach, adjusting to heat can be a shock to our Canadian systems. Being too hot is never fun, which is why you'll want to stay cool to enjoy yourself. Amazon Canada has an epic travel companion to the rescue: a portable neck fan that'll keep things nice and breezy. This way, you won't have to use a makeshift paper fan (we've all been there). It's currently on sale for 20 per cent off — keep scrolling to find out if it's worth the $40 price.

Save 20% on this portable neck fan.

$40 at Amazon

What is it?

This top-rated portable fan is winning over Amazon shoppers with its lightweight and versatile design, which conveniently sits around your neck for hands-free relief from the heat. Since this bladeless design is both light and totally portable, it’s a great choice for vacations, outdoor sports, yard work, or just everyday use in hot weather.

This fan is equipped with a powerful and rechargeable battery, offering up to 16 hours of use. It features 78 ventilation holes that deliver air to the face and neck for 360-degree cooling, with a dust- and sweat-proof design. It’s available in four colours (white, pink, blue and green) and offers three speeds to choose from.

First impressions

I was skeptical about the JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan, initially thinking it was kind of silly-looking. However, when I arrived at the airport in Orlando, I had to quickly eat my words — just about as soon as we landed, I was whipping the fan out of my bag and onto my neck.

I was impressed by the fan's ability to blow air when in use, helping to provide some relief from the heat and humidity. The third and highest settings proved to be the most useful for me, earning this fan a spot on my list of everyday essentials when hitting the theme parks.

a backpack, water bottle, and portable fan
Essentials for a day at Walt Disney World: a backpack, water bottle, and portable fan. (Photo via Kate Mendonca)

As temperatures soared past 35°C daily (not factoring in humidity), I found myself reaching for the neck fan on several occasions. However, since I was using it at the highest setting, I did notice that the battery life didn't hold up as long as I'd hoped.

If you do plan to use this fan for yourself, I recommend learning from my mistakes and keeping a power bank and charging cable on hand to avoid having the battery die on you halfway through the day.

What others are saying

⭐️ 4.3/5 stars

💬 47,000+ reviews

🏆 "This has been a godsend for me!"

So far, this hands-free fan has earned a 4.3-star rating from more than 47,000 customer reviews, with shoppers praising its power and comfort. Whether you're travelling, spending time outdoors, or just needing a quick way to cool down, the JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan is a must-have for warm weather.

Save 20% on this portable neck fan.

$40 at Amazon

According to reviewers, this fan is "silent enough [and] lightweight" and "moves a good amount of air." Shoppers who sweat a lot have even called this gadget "a godsend" for use during work or as an antidote to hot flashes.

One reviewer raved that "this neck fan has been awesome" during menopause, while another called it "the best thing since sliced bread."

Many reviewers have noted that this fan's airflow at the back of the neck is not as strong as they had hoped, but since it comes with a "lightweight" and "inconspicuous" design, shoppers say that it's worth the tradeoff.

The verdict

Even at its current sale price of $40 (in the green), this portable fan may not be the most affordable version on the market, but its hands-free design and effective cooling make it a top pick ahead of warm March Break getaways. With a quiet motor and bladeless design, shoppers say it'll cool you down and is helpful in a variety of situations.

After using it myself, I'm glad to have the JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan as a way to stay cool on hot days. However, I'll always be sure to have a charger on hand for backup, too.

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