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This rapid electric egg cooker is on sale just in time for Easter — but hurry, Amazon's Big Spring Sale ends tonight

Reviewers say it makes egg-cooking easier and cleaner than ever. It's the last day to get it on sale.

Amazon Canada egg cooker sale easter egg hack
Amazon Canada egg cooker sale easter egg hack

As Easter weekend approaches, families across Canada are gearing up for a celebration filled with tradition, joy and, of course, delicious food. Amidst the array of Easter treats, eggs hold a special place, symbolizing new beginnings and the joy of spring. This year, you can elevate your Easter breakfast or brunch with the Rapid Electric Egg Cooker — now on sale on Amazon for just $20.

Whether you're hosting a big family gathering or enjoying a quiet morning, the BELLA Rapid Electric Egg Cooker makes your egg-cooking experience super easy. To make things better, during Amazon's Big Spring Sale, this must-have kitchen gadget is marked down by 10 per cent. But don't dawdle —the sale wraps up today, making it your last chance to grab this deal.

With a 7-egg capacity, this cooker can make omelettes, hard-boiled and poached eggs. 

$20 at Amazon

Why you need this

🥚 Whether you're juggling multiple dishes or just craving a hassle-free breakfast, the BELLA Rapid Electric Egg Cooker delivers. With a capacity for seven eggs and the ability to cook them to your preferred style — boiled, poached, or in an omelet — it's versatility in a compact package. Its 360-watt heating system promises evenly cooked eggs every time, while the clear lid lets you keep an eye on the progress. Plus, with an indicator light, automatic shut-off and a buzzer, it's practically foolproof.

🙌 Its components are dishwasher-safe, making the aftermath of your Easter feast or weekday breakfast a lot less daunting. Watching the cooking process is easy too, thanks to the transparent lid. Also, its compact design is a bonus for smaller spaces or minimalist countertops.

What people are saying

⭐️ 4.5/5 stars

💬 6,800+ reviews

🏆 "Saves time and I always get to eat perfect hard boiled eggs!"

The BELLA Rapid Electric Egg Cooker was reviewed by more than 6,890 Amazon shoppers who rated an impressive 4.5 stars.

"This is so easy, it's quick and I can work at my desk during the cooking until I hear the beep that it is done. Clean up is washing a small tiny pan that doesn't require scrubbing," one reviewer, who rated it 5 stars, wrote. "This is worth the space it takes up! Which is saying something when it comes to kitchen stuff."

Another said buying this egg cooker was the "best decision," adding: "Saves time and I always get to eat perfect hard boiled eggs."

One Amazon shopper said the BELLA egg cooker was a "great addition" to their kitchen gadgets. "I eat a lot of eggs and decided to buy one of these little gadgets! It works great, boiled eggs turn out perfect every time and it uses so little water! I always hated waiting and watching the pot boiling and that is now a thing of the past," they wrote.

What's the verdict?

If you're in the market for a no-fuss solution to your breakfast routine, the BELLA Rapid Electric Egg Cooker could be the perfect addition to your kitchen. Garnering praise from over 6,800 reviews, Amazon shoppers love it for its ability to deliver consistently perfect eggs with minimal effort — and it's now on sale.

While it's a hit for everyday egg cooking, if you're looking for an appliance with more culinary capabilities, you might want to explore further. The BELLA egg cooker shines in its designated role but isn't designed for more complex cooking tasks.

For egg enthusiasts looking to simplify their mornings or add ease to their meal prep, this gadget hits the mark. But for those needing a multi-functional kitchen tool, considering other options might be wise.

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