Influencer Tiffany Ima pens 'great reminder' on practicing daily body confidence

Tiffany Ima wants people to remember about self-care and mental health during the holidays. (Photo via @tiffanyima on Instagram)
Tiffany Ima wants people to take self-care and mental health seriously during the holidays. (Photo via @tiffanyima on Instagram)

Tiffany Ima is sharing a reminder for the holidays.

The self-love advocate took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a series of photos with tips on how to practice daily body confidence.

Ima's tips included four notes for success: "Practice moving your body joyfully, practice speaking kindly to yourself, practice mindful eating and practice self-expression."

In the caption, the body positive influencer penned a reminder for her 109,000 followers — especially as the holidays draw near.

"It's the time of year when the pressure to lose weight climbs exponentially," Ima began. "This is the time of year when you feel pressure to create monumental life plans. The time you feel it's time to make resolutions and reset for the new year."

"Emotions run high, and bank accounts run low. This is not a time to let your self-care and mental health go without attention," she added. "It's a time to lean in and practice body confidence every day. Body confidence is heavily fuelled by our mindset, so it is important to continue to prioritize having a healthy body image."

Fans showed their appreciation for Ima's inspiring words in the comments.

"Thank you for the reminder! Right on time!" one person added, along with a red heart emoji.

"A great reminder we can all use about now," wrote someone else.

"I'm saving this post!" a fan shared, while Ima responded saying: "Amazing! It's definitely something I revisit often!"

In October, Ima opened up about the challenge of finding body confidence.

While working out in pale green patterned leggings with a matching sports bra, Ima shared that the body confidence journey "does not need to be Insta-worthy."

Ima paired the post with a powerful caption, explaining that even if someone appears confident on social media, "we all be out here struggling."

"I don't care how confident someone looks online — we all have our days. You don't need your body confidence journey to look like a perfect Instagram photo. You don't need a journey that has no bad days," she penned. "Take what you need and make your journey your own."

Fans quickly praised Ima's inspirational message, with many showing appreciation for her wisdom.

"This is such an important reminder. The journey to body confidence isn't always pretty or Instagram-worthy — that wouldn't be realistic. We're all only human. We have bad days so we can really appreciate the good ones! Thank you for sharing," one Instagram user commented.

"Body image healing is messy sometimes and that's OK and normal," another added.

"This! Wow! So true and so powerful! All on our own journey!" someone else chimed in.

"Truth and facts! Everybody has their own journey, and my journey may be different from everybody else's, but it's still mine!" a fan shared.

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